In a nutshell: Igor Osipenko — 25 management secrets order

1. Dream without action is
2. Be "naive and stupid"
3. Remember! On the ruins of any target leave the opportunity to build a new purpose!
4. The end of any successful goal should be the following
5. Take a break between targets
6. Talking publicly only 10% of the information about your order
7. Forget the idiotic goal of 100.000$
8. Your goal is to work without you
9. Your goal is to give a daily cash flow
10. Your goal is to bring benefit to others
11. Your goal should be successful followers
12. The purpose of after death is the first symptom of the madness in life
13. First underwear, then the car
14. Tune in to long-term implementation goals
15. A full immersion in the target
16. Write down goals on paper
18. The sources of dreams. You don't know what you want until you see it!
19. Charity and the goal
20. Excessive desire in the beginning, ruining your aim
21. Is it possible to put three goals in one basket?
22. How to save the results with the help of bribes
23. Emotions is a key factor in a properly chosen target
24. A sign of a well set goal — you can't explain the work or rest
25. I'm a chef, I'm the boss!