what is the richness of the social studies?

studying social studies? What is wealth in English? On the basis of which, the theorists of the social Sciences to draw conclusions about human wealth?

what is wealth geometry

  • English is collective term for several directions, studying different aspects of the life and functioning of society. Also, "science" — it's a school subject.

Disciplines of the social Sciences, which study of society: sociology, philosophy, law, Economics, political science, social psychology , etc., Each of these areas defines the concept of "wealth", according to the subject and object of their research.

Popular view of wealth is in material privileges: - paid work, high career position, social status. The trivial representation of wealth, as the abundance of material goods or money. understanding Financial wealth in science is typical for each person on the household level or the natural world. Is it possible the world without philosophy?

In the dictionary:

  • "Wealth" — the plenty, the abundance, luxury.
  • "Wealth" — gold, money, security.

In the social wealth is to supply and is closely related to the idea of days, if we consider it from the point of view of the economy. Other fields, particularly philosophy, cultural studies and psychology, develop the concept of wealth using the term "consistency".

Under viability can mean:

A) financial solvency and well-being.

B) well-being and contentment.

Last a number of synonyms suggestive of intangibles. to Achieve wealth, from this point of view, by the spiritual and cultural development. In these studies the peculiarities of formation of the personality is engaged in social psychology. She considers the ways of human adaptation in society. To find their place, a group or like-minded people is also a manifestation of social wealth.

From the point of view of philosophy, intangible wealth may be acquired independently with age or individual development. Spiritual wealth, in this case, is detected in the inherent wisdom for the people of balance, depth and semipalatinst thinking, dialectical reasoning, the need for balancing internal (spiritual) and external (social) life. Better understanding of "wealth" from the point of view of philosophy, you can use quotes:

  • Worldly goods, being deceit, falsehood or fiction, by its very nature impermanent. Zahiri.
  • Who doesn't need another, but lives independently, the richest of all. John Chrysostom.
  • In this world makes us rich is not what we get but what we give. Henry Beecher.
  • Wealth is the thing without which you can live happily, but the wealth necessary for happiness. Nikolai Chernyshevsky.

Sum up

is used Successfully, the word "welfare" allows for better to understand what is wealth in English is the feeling of prosperity, sufficiency, availability resources for life, which characterize the standard of living of the people to define the degree of security benefits in society and samomoderirovanie person, according to those benefits.

  • The richness of the spiritual and material life is necessary to experience the happiness.

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