Where should stand bed for Feng Shui?

The bed for Feng Shui. Why not to sleep on the couch? Who should not be let into the bedroom. Read in this article how to place the bed for Feng Shui to improve sleep?

Where should stand bed for Feng Shui?

In the Taoist tradition of fens Shui developed clear rules of conservation of energy sleeping. Why follow rules for sleeping according to Feng Shui? Sleep can normalize the flow of "qi" — of universal, pervading energy, using it for quick recovery. Read more

How to bring luck in work and money?

uby54cwThe loss of a good job and money can sometimes be tragic, not to mention the fact that mentally hard to deal with such problems. Why does the work come with money failed, even when all would seem well and the reasons for the failures there? Good luck can take around you envious. We need to try to get her back. If the question is still relevant for you, keep reading – today we will review current practices and study the source of the problem of lost luck. Read more

How to bring good luck and money in the house?

z23zd23a House is not only an abode of comfort, but also a source of wealth, so we offer you to learn the secrets of how to bring good luck and money into your house.

If luck and money found in the house, and the residents of the house become financial successful people and they are simply pursuing good luck in all your endeavors. Read more

How to bring good fortune and luck?

45t5ims3chIs luck and luck is much needed thing, without which it is impossible to achieve success? It would seem that hard work, a clear goal and activity – have a sufficient options in order to become a successful and rich man. Without a doubt, they provide the basis for this, but they are not the last resort: sometimes, you need to be in the right place at the right time; shake hands with "that" person and be on time to future life unfolded as a happy tale. Read more

Things you cannot keep at home? They attract poverty

1348162707_hlamDesperately unlucky to those who surrounds himself with the wrong people and things. People immediately clear, but about subjects you might not guess, but they also radiate certain waves, coming into contact with the outside world, and act as a magnet to attract a plus in their own opinion and push minus the fact that it is not the same vibration with them. Read more