How to do everything at work and at home?

Practical tips on how to do everything. Micromanagement for work and home. Read today's article to do at work and at home.

How to do everything at work and at home?

let's face it: the question of how to do everything at work and at home, often asked the woman. The day is clearly not enough +12 hours that would be nice to spend at the SPA instead of Lunches for children, housework, getting ready for the holidays and quarterly report. Read more

The best books on time management

Here is the top 5 books on time management that will teach You how to manage and properly allocate your time to achieve significant results. They should become Your daily companion that will lie in the bag on the table, in the car or in the bathroom until You bone detail all the rules and advice, but good mentors who will change Your perspective on what is happening around. Read more

Habit to postpone all on then, how to fight?

5172When we are faced with unpleasant chores, or jobs, often are tempted to postpone them indefinitely. And then trying frantically to finish all at once at the last moment, staying in a stressful condition. Besides the danger of be laid up with a headache, know that the task is not performed in time, is Read more

How to choose the priorities? What does it mean to prioritize?

vnutrennij-mir-cheloveka-4Every day of our life is closely Packed with cases. They are like little rodents that eat us from the inside, reminding myself, not allowing to forget. These things tend to repeat from day to day. Home, work, family, children, friends and family, all in a vicious circle, measured and almost predictable. Read more