How to raise the boy's confidence?

The confidence is the inner core, on which you can rely in doubtful moments. Read how to raise the boy's confidence. Whether or not to throw on the barricades of life and to cut maternal care or, on the contrary, to change the traditional model of education?

How to raise the boy's confidence?

Parents think about the upbringing of the children, trying to repeat the example of happy parents or, on the contrary, to radically change behaviour, looking at the not always happy childhood. In recent decades, the pedagogical techniques showed a shift of perception, a revaluation of traditional values – parents often want to "create" the child, not to educate. An example of this is – system of Maria Montessori, which are widespread in the first half of the 20th century.

the Principles of teaching in "technology of Montessori":

  • Creative freedom;
  • Maintenance of spontaneous activity;
  • Child, as a teacher;
  • the Development of the psyche of the individual;

If earlier, the classical principle of certainty was the way restrained the boy exhibiting the typical masculine traits with suppression of the more subtle or gentle emotion, but now – active, open and sociable and sensitive person, as a new model for the ideal man of the 21st century.

"A confident man is one who is able to accept himself as he is, to turn their disadvantages in individual characteristics, one who can use his personality to create the image of the best qualities, adding easy ease"

Quote of benefits Oksana Sergeeva "How to awaken your confidence" the best illustration of modern vector education. Psychologists advise to surround the boy's family warmth, not intending to create iron man. No wonder that Alexander Chekhov said "take care of yourself man."

How to educate the boy confidence:

  1. to Teach responsibility.
  2. to Pass the initiative.
  3. To give the independent tasks.

To 3 years of age formed a "self-concept" person. From the boy can be heard "I am." By and large, the independence inherent in all children, but boys assert themselves early girls, taking over the initiative and leadership. Arranged under the flow, you need to maintain the boy's self-confidence, an introduction to responsibility.

Tactic 1: to connect the solution to the household chores and issues. Ask for advice, discuss and give thanks for expressed opinion. In any case, do not lead a dialogue on the principle of "I'm older, I know better" — it stifles the desire and breaks independence.

Tactics 2: a personal example as the basis for self-confidence. Identity is formed within a small society – family — but the company takes a final "socialization" or formation of the personality. The boy's education – this is your opportunity to change for the better. What values to attach to the boy? The first thing universal. On the basis of International UN Charter, good, good, freedom, equality, kindness, honesty, beauty, etc. Read the principles of sociologist of sh.

Tactic 3: to develop physical strength and intellectual power. The economic trend in the world of the 21st century aims to develop the technologies and knowledge of major products of communication. In order that the boy felt the confidence, put it to creative and mental abilities in the game, often prislushivaetes to what you like for your baby, follow current trends, but do not forget the experience of generations.

A purely "male" case:

  • Craft (wood work, technology metal);
  • Construction;
  • Sport;

"I" — it's dad + mum

the Son learns not only the example of his father, but his mother. At quite a young age formed the view about the role of women in the family and dealing with fragile floors. Show the boy that you can be confident, not dominating those who are weaker, for objective reasons, or worse subjective (from this model do you need to give up), and communicating and supporting the best in others.

Introduce the boy to beautiful places, develop it musicality, a love of art, nurture the traits of a gentleman in communion with the girls, and then girls. Show affection and show by example what a loving family is much stronger and safer than when everything is apart.

Teach your son to believe in yourself and your strength to those that believe in him themselves, but let them know that mistakes and failures is a natural process of movement through life. Give him the experience of becoming famous and strong personalities. Like for example, durability in a biography of Gagarin or enduring optimism of Churchill.

Your experience is the best engine of our progress! Write in the comments your opinion on how to raise the boy's confidence?

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