Is it faster to sell a house with land?

Private house with garden, neat vegetable garden, the freshness of the morning and evening silence – all this can be on the land outside the city, but if plans change, the question arises how to quickly sell a house with land? What should Ukrainians know about selling a house with land and how to do it fast, you will learn in today's article. Read more

the Influence of advertising on people

OB-LL147_wtk121_G_20101217204742The thinking of man is very pliable. If you think that you do not control – you are deeply mistaken.

Advertising uses a very large number of different psychological levers that deliver on their intended purpose – to subtly affect people, which you don't even notice their customers desire, when, inspired by new bright is, buying another chocolate (a bag of chips, fish, shoes, etc.). Read more

How to write a sales pitch?

vneshneekonomicheskiy-contractCompetitive offer

If your offer is not competitive, it doesn't matter what words it is expressed. The client will immediately see that it is trying to cheat.

Take the time to analysis the competitors. Understand what they offer and on what terms. Gather knowledge in the document "Competitive analysis" and share it with colleagues. And based on it make competitive Read more

How Your customers make decisions?

1. The magic of the middle segment

You may have already read about this on the web: the bar is expensive, beer A and beer cheaper "B". Basically, buy the expensive "A" because "B" is clearly wrong. If you add to this couple even more cheap beer "In", the most popular beer will be "B". Beer does not change. Changing his perception.

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