How to chat with a shy guy?

Shy men – a Vice or dare for girls? Learn how to chat with a shy guy. Why is the guy shy?

How to chat with a shy guy?

Men are associated with assertiveness, authoritativeness and confidence. Meeting a handsome guy, imagine what he's like Superman, one arm will draw you to himself, and the other is to fend off flying rocks. However, it turns out that the hero of dreams absorbed and not because of inherent romantic reverie, and due to the fact that impossibly shy. Read more

As to ignore the person who annoys?

to Endure or to fall – how to choose the right tactics of behavior with the person who is annoying? How to deal with annoying people?

As to ignore the person who annoys?

Annoying people everywhere – a colleague who sits on the edge of the table, girlfriend/boyfriend, what I call, winning your free minutes or the annoying person in the circumstances not to get rid of. To yourself not to be Intrusive with your friends, read the selection of tips, because who knows when we can be our Stalker. Read more

How to learn to talk to girls?

An interesting conversation with a girl is based on continuously changing however, and there is interest. If the communication runs through a chill and the girl tries to run faster – it's time to develop your communication skills.

How to learn to speak beautifully with the girls?

Beautiful – concept of the individual. Each looks for in a potential girl and boy flavor by heart, but there are proven techniques that are not inflated to fall face in the dirt to communicate. Read more

How to get rid of boredom and loneliness?

Why do I get bored? How to get rid of loneliness? Read in this article what to do if attacked by boredom and loneliness?

How to get rid of boredom and loneliness?

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— Blowing. But it is very nice. So boring that even a simple draught


(with) the adventures of Prince Florizel

In the age of entertainment and technology, there's no place for boredom but inspired by the loneliness, she is more demanding. "Man is born for society", said D. Diderot, and "... not able and does not have the courage to live alone", if he continued his thought by W. Blackstone. Read more

How not to react to someone who annoys?

The reaction is irritation at the person from their surroundings is quite normal, if not goes beyond all limits of communication. As if not wanted to show him that you are not interested in communicating with him or even in his presence meters, so 500 near you, after all, a tolerant attitude it deserves. But how, then, to show him that you are hurt or outraged by this kind of behavior. What to do in such situations? Read more

How to avoid manipulation on yourself?

Society is so constructed that strong is trying to go over the expense of the weak. Manipulation is not a new problem in our time. It manifests itself everywhere: supervisor manipulates subordinates, children, parents, parents to children and so on. To avoid manipulation can only self-confident people. Confidence not in the sense of selfishness or vanity, but an understanding of the framework and the ability to hold: where and to whom to say "no", "stop". Read more

How to get rid of someone who annoys?

Small world. Often overlap and communicate with people who are openly annoyed by you. This does not mean that you are a bad person. Just your interests do not coincide with them, and the way of conduct and any other personal manifestations differ. To start a conflict and to turn each day into hell is not worth it – learn how to communicate with unpleasant for you man, then you will be the winner. Read more

How to bend people to my will?

X3CdgHXSnLsThe obedience of people to his will is based on three simple truths: observation, action, implementation.

For starters, make sure you have the necessary charisma, oratory (on our portal you can find articles that will help you improve public speaking skills), charm and a friendly appearance. The list is quite complex, however, is fraught with the necessary keys to enslave the world. Joke. Simply just people who are around you, communicate nonverbally, that is, wordless, and therefore they somehow perceive information? Read more