How to overcome laziness and apathy in itself?

Why laziness and apathy defeat us? How to fight laziness? Are laziness and apathy?

How to overcome laziness and apathy in itself?

In an explosive combination of laziness and apathy are manifested with chronic fatigue syndrome or depression. Lethargy, as dullness of sensation, absence of any desires desensitization may signal the presence of depression. Laziness in the case of neurosis or fatigue is not punishable, but if it is covered quite agile and cheerful person, they have to eliminate without excuses. Read more

Movies for motivating success in life

b028aab934805ed62af7bf74642d98df_w960_h2048Motivational movies are a separate list to view with manure "must". Directors and crew, the writers and actors work hard in order to create another icing on the cake, which we gladly partake and improve your senses of perception. Movies, motivational for success in life, coped with its task repeatedly, so I recommend you list, in my opinion, the most successful pictures, which are able to lift the man sat up from the sofa and make it work, achieving goals, or simply to find the target if it is disconnected splashing in your head, ready every moment to reach solid ground. Read more

What is the difference in motivation from the incentive?

149842342Is that we are confused about the etymology of a word, not using it right. Of course, when talking about the process, no significant difference exists between motivation and incentive, because, in this case, it becomes important only specifically the end result, and as you reach it – it will be purely your own business.

All the same it is necessary to clarify what the specificity of such concepts as motivation and incentive and their significant difference. I suggest to read this article and place, first of all, for yourself on the shelves of the important moments and aspects of the two concepts, to the inside, everything fell into place, because Cogitoergosum – I Think, therefore I exist. Descartes. Read more

How to get rid of fatigue and laziness?

fizUstalostThe window the spring and to do something serious just don't want to. Much nicer to spend time in a safe company of friends or your own (what we are not friends in the first place), watch a good movie with a nice finish, or read a book with a Cup of coffee or tea, relax and forget about everything. Someone will say that this is procrastination, and I say – rest. Read more

As to remove laziness from your life?

8e393aadd4188328f14be3da4bccffa4Laziness is your cockroach brain. Once this parasite will infest he will not smoke and will not get him so comfortable and warm in your head. But to fight against laziness and have to do it regularly, constantly and tirelessly, until you remove it at the root, so any desire that arose in you (of course, not of a destructive nature) was as a turn key fast car, and you immediately looked for ways to implement it and doing something until you reach the result, and laziness must go all of the vocabulary and thoughts.

Do you think successful, wealthy people lazy? No, they are trying to do and work hard, and both head and body, because they know that any downtime is rot, loss, regression. As you know, standing water quickly turns into a swamp. Read more

How to force yourself to learn, if all too lazy?

originalLen – destructive thing, especially for the modern man. Globalization has reached a level of development that now no matter where you are, who you are, you can get a job, apartment, hobby and the girl/guy of your dreams. Just because something has ceased to accrue to people who have simply been at hand or had some minimal communication, but without the skills. Read more

How to cope with laziness and apathy?

3D-Art-Nikita-Veprikov-ApathyIt's fall now and it seems that apathy is a normal state of being, not just a seasonal mood. When we are exposed to it, then immediately arises the desire to do nothing and thus, we get apathy in addition to laziness. It would not be nice to spend a weekend in a blanket with a Cup of cocoa, but these two friends need to get rid of, or risk missing all the beauty that gives us life. Read more

Корень мотивации. Motivation это в психологии?

motivaciya-300x285.png.pagespeed.ce.SpkOIt-AfxIf You have decided to achieve success in life, then You should be interested in General characteristics of motivation.

Мотив рождается тогда, когда потребность четко осознается и проходит уровень опредмечивания. Motivation – это совокупность всех внутренних и внешних стимулов, которые ведут к достижению той или иной цели. Read more

A system of motivation and stimulation of staff

Motivation персонала на совершение очередных трудовых подвигов – довольно сложная задача. Но она вполне по силам хорошему руководителю или начальнику отдела кадров. Дело в том, что основные способы мотивации давно известны. Нужно лишь приспособить их к конкретному коллективу с учетом специфики отрасли и типа компании. Read more