What invention came with the shark?

The person continues to learn from the greatest master of nature. Read in this article how the invention came thanks to the shark?

What invention came thanks to the shark?

History popularitywith create aircraft, robots, x-ray, sonar, appeared due to animals, birds and insects. However, there are many other examples of inventions gleaned from the environment. An animal like shark superorder of cartilaginous fishes, gave to humanity is not a new invention.

Water concealed danger and mystery for humans. Postupivshii to the seas and oceans of pervostroitelei observed the behavior of fish, asking questions about how to live.

The Shark is a predator in the water world – has pushed human thought to create a submarine. Often the stories attributed to the appearance of turbines and blades on the principle of the operation of the chord gills of fish.

What invention was the result of a shark:

  • Submarine.
  • The turbine blades.
  • The suits scuba divers.
  • Footwear.
  • In the future: catheters.

Shark was involved, indirectly as well as directly in the invention of interesting gadgets. First, on the principle of deep diving sharks created the submarine. What's the principle? The body structure of a shark allows you to redistribute the internal pressure to resist the pernicious action of the water. The first study was conducted in 1976 – the study of the deep 4 meter shark. The first test to build the apparatus for immersion was in 1578 – William Bourne, a description of the vessel with a tube for breathing, then in 1776 – D. Bushnell, the inventor of the submarine on 1-person, egg-shaped "Turtle" Fulton (1800) and finally, "Lamprey" in 1905.

Engineer Tony Brennan установил, что акулья кожа – это удивительно шероховатая поверхность, предотвращающая прилипание грязи, слизи и моллюсков. К тому же, shark с помощью кожи защищает себя от бактерий. Долговечность материала открывает новый путь исследователям – company "Sharklet» is planning to do is not only making costumes and specialsession from shark skin, but also to develop resistant to bacteria, durable catheters made of shark skin. A new invention, according to the CEO, can prevent transmission of infections and to minimize the cost of the cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments.

larger thanks to the shark appeared energy-efficient coatings for aircraft. This approach was later reinterpreted to protect the wind blades in power plants. Shark fins have become a prototype aerodynamic testing. Most marine animals is a unique field of study.

The material for packaging is also suitable for protection of plastic keypads, switches, stream, requiring a long service surfaces subject to frequent contact with others, human skin, etc. not only fast dirty, but carry billions of microbes. Example of shark skin – a breakthrough in exploring the underwater world and the use that nature intended, for the benefit of mankind.

Вслед за sharkми we can consider humpback whales and their contribution to the creation of wind tunnels, echolocation and sonar, hydrodynamic resistance. New inventions are able to deal not only with common causes of infection, death in the water, lost orientation of the courts, but also to help people to reduce the economic costs by aligning environmental segment of the economy.

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