How nice to talk to people?

As success in life depends on the ability to speak beautifully? Read the current compilation of tips. Errors in conversation and basic principles of successful communication.

How nice to talk to people?

Success in life depends on hard work and the ability to make the right contacts. Impress an idea or a vision that can't even verbalize – fail. The ability to speak beautifully to people is a valuable skill active, modern man. In Metropolitan areas, where every minute counts, you will happen only, if you are interesting.

How to be interesting:

  • To talk about myself and ideas with enthusiasm.
  • to Talk about the other person more than about yourself.
  • To create the image of a successful, active, easy on the rise.

the Arguments are more important than feelings

The external beauty is not complete without internal sensuality. Superficial listening is not desirable, and wise person hours fly by like minutes. In business, however, the arguments are more important than feelings. Their link can be emotions. Images, music, photography, interesting stories and, in particular, the stories evoke emotions. To interest the interlocutor – a direct path to its location. You have to remember.

Not to pass the crown babbler to back the reasoning: examine the theoretical basis of the subject of your conversation, pick out the arguments for and against, pick up the arguments to each "vs", ahead of remarks of the interlocutor, find examples from life or literature in your favor, offer statistics, but most importantly – think.

Approach each situation individually: how to beautifully present information about a new product? What are the advantages of the image packaging or service delivery? The visual component of modern marketing is not complete without the verbal cut – describe the beautiful, simple words the benefits of your offer.

to describe How beautiful his idea: a

  • Do not use more than 3 emotional epithet (a clear goal, rapid success, good speech).
  • Dilute their subject data.
  • Assume preferences of the interlocutor.

a Technique of conversation in practice

To talk to people – easy to speak beautifully – requires skill. Your companion is personality. He has particular tastes in music and art, food preferences and lifestyle, favorite colors, clothes, gadgets, etc. Your task is to learn that like him. For example, he is fond of Baroque architecture. Implement the conversation of comparison, the characteristic spirit of the Baroque: emotion, outstanding shape, aesthetics of everyday life, sensuality, luxury. Talking with the person on "it" >

Beauty is determined by our mind, as a perfect symmetrical proportion, balance, rhythm, poise. Why? Dynamics requires cognitive (cognitive) and evaluative abilities, and the fact that the customary pleasant to the eye.

How does this compare with a beautiful speech:

  • Enter 2-3 "sample" beautiful phrases, memorized oratory on courses (short, small talk up to 10 words at a time).
  • Repeat the words of the interlocutor, paraphrase.
  • Eliminate the particle "no" questions and "no" answers.
  • Stop gesticulating like a monkey and reinforce the weight of the exact gesture.
  • To achieve the spoken >
  • Enrich vocabulary classic.
  • Get rid of uncomfortable for the interlocutor, obscure terms.
  • Feel the rhythm of the conversation – keep up the rhythm of the interlocutor.
  • pause.

Follow step conversation: a few sentences, pause, the answers of the interlocutor follows the modular beauty; perfectly constructed literary suggestions and emotional words – the beauty of the words, proven for centuries; confident body >

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