Myths of Ancient Greece: Prometheus

The Prometheus is the protector of the people, the hero who brought fire and light to the Earth. Read the Greek myths: Prometheus.

Myths of Ancient Greece: Prometheus

Prometheus – the ancient Greek character of myth and subsequent tales. It is believed that Prometheus was a Titan and part-time defender of the people. Was in a tough confrontation with Zeus, the Supreme God. Read more

As Judas betrayed Christ?

Why, Judas, why? Read how and why Judas betrayed Jesus?

As Judas betrayed Christ?

In the Christian tradition, mentions the incident with the legend of Judas, and every insidious and the wrong person is called corrupt in the manner of a suicide. Despite the fact that Christ had many of the apostles, only one betrayed the son of God. Christ, knowing the future, was waiting for him at dawn on the last night before the crucifixion, which is even reflected in the fresco "the last supper" Leonardo da Vinci, shared wine and bread with his disciples, saying, "One of you shall betray me." Read more

What is the gospel and the Bible?

The gospel and the Bible is a sacred collection of texts used for religious ceremonies. Read in this article what is the gospel and the Bible, than they differ and than are similar?

I. What is the gospel and the Bible?

Bible (in the lane "the books") is a sacred book in Judaism and Christianity. Despite the difference of religious dogmas, each of religious forms Outlook uses a particular part of the Bible. Read more

the Problem of man in the philosophy of Socrates briefly

About the philosophical views of Socrates we learn from the works of his pupils, as the thinker did not leave behind written sources. One of the famous disciples of Socrates was the philosopher Plato, whose dialogues are theoretically based on the teachings of our character. It is not excluded that Plato introduced his views or corrected in the course of thought of the master, although exactly we do not know. It remains to consider the thoughts of the famous philosopher that we have. Read more

Religious philosophical doctrines of Ancient India

The appearance of the first religious-philosophical doctrines of Ancient India refers to the period of "axial time" — the 4th century BC, when there is development of major civilizations on the planet who had no contact with each other, in a similar way. Almost in the same period, in different parts of the globe, there are the first powerful state, formed the religious and philosophical teachings. One of the centers of development of religion and philosophy of Ancient India. Read more

Why Hegel's philosophy is described as objective idealism?

the Philosophy of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

F. Hegel refers to the school classical German philosophy, but unlike its predecessors, considering the idealism, not a subjective, critical, transcendental, and objective. What is the difference between the system of Hegel's philosophy from its predecessors, and what feature of objective idealism? Read more

What is the task of future philosophy by Friedrich Nietzsche?

Classical German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, considered in their mental labours social, political, religious, cultural, moral processes thus appeared a new direction – a Philosophy of life. Until now, the works of F. Nietzsche's divisive, admiration, and uncertainty. What is philosophy, according to the philosopher, what is its task? Read more