Why Hitler hated the Jews history?

Cruelty, stretching terrible memory for centuries: why Hitler hated Jews. The origins of the history of genocide.

Why Hitler hated the Jews: history

large-Scale destruction of the Jewish people, initiated by the Nazis under the leadership of Hitler in 1937 and lasted until 1944 – history of bloody events, the origins of which are still trying to understand the biography of Hitler. Why Hitler hated Jews – personal injury, attempted substitution, the offense took place, ideological orientation? Read more

Myths of Ancient Greece: Pandora

Pandora and the box of disasters – myths of Ancient Greece. That resulted in the endowment of Pandora? A gift or a punishment?

Myths of Ancient Greece: Pandora

The name of the mythological character Pandora translates from Greek as "gifted", "sedusa". The woman was extremely gifted at the behest of Zeus. In "Theogonies" Hesiod you can find the information that this is the first woman on earth, created by Hephaestus at the request of Zeus, but not with a good purpose, but in punishment for stealing fire by Prometheus. Read more

What is capitalism in simple terms?

Capitalism is an abstraction? Capitalism – the profit? Capitalism is the struggle? What is capitalism in simple words from experts of the economy.

What is capitalism in simple terms?

The authorship of the concept of "capitalism" is attributed to Karl Marx. In his eponymous work, this concept is often used. As you know, the views of economists and theorists of capitalism were also different, hence the interpretation of 3 – Mark, Weber, and Schumpeter – on understanding of the capitalist model of production. Read more

What is the Emperor in Ancient Rome?

The origin of the term "Emperor". The Emperor in Ancient Rome. What is "Emperor"? List of Roman emperors.

so That the Emperor in Ancient Rome?

Encyclopedic dictionary Brockhaus and Efron interpreterpath term "Emperor" "Lord", "commander", "master." The etymology of the word originates in the Latin term "imperator", formerly verb "impero» or "command", "command", "rule". Read more

What is an amphitheatre in Ancient Rome?

The story of the famous structures: what is the amphitheater in Ancient Rome, what is the purpose of a construction, history of architecture.

What is an amphitheatre in Ancient Rome?

The Roman architecture is fascinating and the scope of organic. One of the buildings belonging to the ancient era, was amphitheater. From Greek "άμφιθέατρον" translated as "around" later the word acquired a different semantic meaning, which is close to our understand "the theatre". Read more

How was founded the Empire of Charlemagne?

Karl I the Great king of the great Empire of the Franks

, Charlemagne (742/747 – 814.) the king of the Franks, the Lombards, the Duke of Bavaria, Emperor of the West. Thanks to Karl the Great dynasty of his father, Pepin the Short (Piperidou) were called the Carolingians. His even during his lifetime was called "the great." What is the greatness of the Emperor and contribution to history? Read more

what brought about the idea of Brezhnev's stability?

Time to implement reforms and to collect the consequences

In 1965, to power in the Soviet Union's Leonid Brezhnev, who occupied the post of General Secretary. In the same year began the active introduction of reforms in the industrial environment, and this had its consequences. We will talk about them further, but first let's list all the reforms of Brezhnev: Read more

As human well-being is affected from the economic situation?

Human well-being and economic situation are interrelated. The nature of human well-being depends on the economic situation in the country where he lives. It's very simple. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, in order to be happy, one must meet their basic needs: protection, shelter, food, water and sleep. Next, while it forms the other stages that determine his well-being: relationships, work, fulfillment, etc. Read more

What is the opinion of the physiocrats is the source of wealth?

fiziokraty-ehto-kto-predstaviteli-f_1 Physiocratie – the power of nature – a term which was given the development in the 80-ties years of the 18th century. The authorship of the term belongs to Adam Smith, and founder of the theory believe the Frenchman Francois Quesnay. Their independent theoretical design theory of the physiocrats in France received, although its origin prescribe Germany. Read more