What works Beethoven wrote?

The weave of life's symphonies. Read which pieces written by Beethoven. Famous than Beethoven?

What works Beethoven wrote?

Composer Ludwig van Beethoven, whose rebellious spirit is embodied in the sublime and passionate works, has subdued mankind with the history of life on the edge and works that continued to be born even after the hearing loss the author, what does a musician and composer is unthinkable. Read more

As called by bill gates as a kid?

v43cr4x34Great story about how a folder with any name cannot be created in Windows and how it actually related to the author of the project, bill gates does not know is that lazy or philosopher-naturalist. Today on the agenda subject: what names bill gates in his childhood and even some interesting facts from the biography of a famous programmer. Read more

How to achieve success in your personal life?

One of the best books for women how to achieve success in your personal life, "Steve Nakamoto "What women want" gives excellent practical advice and reveals stagnant horizons of thinking. It will be useful for men who would like to understand the female mind. Today we delve into the issue of how to achieve success in your personal life. Read more

The movies success is based on true events

Success is not what accompanies the lazy people or the faint of heart. In this you can see, reading the movies about success, based on real events.


Biographical drama from Daevid O Russell. Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert de Niro. The film tells the story of a single mother who settled in long island. The late 70's for the country impact time, but not for women who are still in the power of stereotypes. The world of men with huge cash flow closed to them. Read more

How not to be upset because of failures?

test-uverennostLife is a natural barrier and healthy enough character that we meet in our life's journey. We must embrace the simple truth that failure is the name given by people with a victim complex, for which the whole world – the gaping wound of pain. From their point of view, in their world, it may be true, but for successful people, for leaders and those who are actively struggling to defend their own positions and create the life patterns that it makes them happy, this lifestyle is unacceptable. Read more

Movies for motivating success in life

b028aab934805ed62af7bf74642d98df_w960_h2048Motivational movies are a separate list to view with manure "must". Directors and crew, the writers and actors work hard in order to create another icing on the cake, which we gladly partake and improve your senses of perception. Movies, motivational for success in life, coped with its task repeatedly, so I recommend you list, in my opinion, the most successful pictures, which are able to lift the man sat up from the sofa and make it work, achieving goals, or simply to find the target if it is disconnected splashing in your head, ready every moment to reach solid ground. Read more

To improve the life for the better?

To establish a life for the better, you can use its internal drive (a prompting to change). It is important to understand that what you have been given, no matter in what quantity, volume, proportions, variations, already a great material for creating amazing things and live a great life!

Just need a little work to establish this channel of understanding.

I think, therefore I exist. Read more

How to improve your life for the better?

rain-joy1Stop to multiply grief, and will sound.

Vera Polozkova, poet.


The epigraph was chosen not by chance. Its clear conviction, I believe that only the fruit of negative emotions, we call the appropriate lifestyle, so everything that happens, ends up not as we would like. Yes, it is very hard to "get back on the path of the righteous" and start your every day at least one pleasant thought, because, let's be realistic, not everything is so happy and floral. But the more you pay attention to it, the more it sucks you in, like the Kraken of legend the ships at sea. Read more

What qualities characterize the leader as a great man?

eYCiIzFXilcThe role of the leader is not for nothing so talked about in society, because the leader certainly are not born – they become. Not all of the individual are to such a role, because to lead, to organize, to lead and not lose yourself, do not dissolve in the crowd, and even to implement their interests (because, admittedly, the leader and their own interests to implement through the influence on the masses), you need to know a lot and have some qualities that would not be available to another. Read more