How to find a private investor for a startup?

Where to get the money for startup? Read in this article how to find a private investor + note: the list of investors!

How to find a private investor for a startup?

You say that the idea is something without which there will be no business. However, these pundits forgot to mention the capital, the team and the room. What to do if the head is teeming with ideas, and pockets empty of money is to look for an investor! Read more

How to make money on a hobby?

The idea of creative business how to make money on a hobby? Read the article how to use their potentialities for earnings.

How to make money on a hobby?

Creative people also want to eat, but not always favor a cold-blooded world of business. Earn on what you do best – fine. Not necessarily create multi-level Corporation, you can open a small café or a shop on the corner of your street every day, and to enjoy fellowship with buyers or seclusion in the Studio – which do you like more. Read more

How to become a dealer of the manufacturer, without investments?

Who is the dealer? The basic functions of a dealer? How to become a dealer no investment and with maximum profit?

How to become a dealer of the manufacturer, without investments?

, the Dealer – seller or distributor of products by manufacturer. What is the difference from the distributor? Distributor the seller or the company is engaged in the sale of goods on his behalf according to the terms of the contract of sale in their favor. Is purchase of goods for resale. Read more

the Most popular profession in Moscow

2017 marked the elimination of the main consequences of the crisis on the capital labour market. The total number of vacancies compared with the year 2016, increased by 5% due to the intensification of many industries.

Today the most popular and in-demand industries in the market are:

  • production;
  • information technology
  • sale;
  • transport and logistics;
  • working staff.

Among the candidates with relevant education of a consistently high demand for positions in the field of jurisprudence. However, regarding vacancies for lawyers in Moscow, the demand for candidates exceeds supply 2 times.

TOP 5 occupations in demand in the capital Read more

How to earn money at betting in betting shops?

bukmekerskaja-kontora-stavki-na-boksIf you've always been able to successfully predict the outcome of the match, the only question you need to give yourself the answer why you don't make money on your talent?

The bookmaker offers a comprehensive list of rates, depending on the sport. Before betting, you need to understand how to earn money at betting in betting offices, not to burn on the first matches of the favorite team not to lose to both types of activities of interest. Read more

Where to earn money without investment?

Computers_Social_networks_Youtube_034655_Making money without investment is a profitable option for those who simply do not have the material base to realize their global ideas, but really wants to achieve some result. Fortunately, the Internet does wonders and now it is possible to earn inside the network, CERF's on various sites, doing searches, and even just liking. Of course, if you are interested in some more significant work, you have a lot of sweat, and besides take from this ill-fated capital. Read more

How to start your own business from scratch? Ideas. Business ideas from scratch in Ukraine

409054586Hello dear readers KONSPEKTY.NET. Today I would like to tell you a personal story how to start a business from scratch, what to do, and what can come of it. Remembering his thoughts a couple of years ago, they are now very different from today's thoughts, so it makes sense to you, read my mind, quickly became to the "path".

Phase 1. the Main condition for the start is to begin to do something. When I was a student I became interested in web design. Reading such enticing article on "how to earn money on the Internet" and so, I began to dream that in a couple of months I will earn more than is possible in normal operation Read more