books и: Tal Ben-Shahar — Быть счастливее

332232223The book analyzes different kinds of happiness: in your career, in your personal life and in training. And everytime I more and more you learn about happiness, and about what different forms it can take. With age or with changes in their vital pillars of the concept of happiness changes completely every person. But what is the common denominator for all these different, unique unlike each other: the school teacher, Manager, athlete, a homeless artist, if all of them have various material wealth and status? Unites them and at the same time is a measure for everyone — how happy they are. Read more

books и: Marsh Petrie Sue — Токсичные люди

r43434343Нас часто окружают люди, с которыми сложно иметь дело – тираны, нытики, ворчуны, молчуны, критиканы, интриганы, зазнайки, и так далее. Obshenie с ними не вызывает удовольствия, а необходимость работать вместе с ними может поставить под угрозу успех нашего начинания. Они портят нам настроение и выводят нас из себя. И мы неоднократно спрашиваем себя, что делать.

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books и: Vadim Zeland — «Трансерфинг реальности» Ступень 2 — Шелест утренних звезд

443543543543with the Transurfing of reality is the theory, which is esoteric in nature and is published by an author named Vadim Zeland since 2004 in a series of books with the same title. Read more

books и: Vadim Zeland — «Трансерфинг реальности» Ступень 1 — Пространство вариантов

You will surely like all people, want to live comfortably, in prosperity, disease and turmoil. But life disposed differently and twists you like a paper boat in the turbulent flow. In the pursuit of happiness, you have tried many well-known ways. Many of you were able to achieve within the traditional Read more

books и: Boris Berezovsky — Как заработать большие деньги

berezovskyBoris Berezovsky is a well-known entrepreneur, a famous native of the Kuban, a successful oil and winemaker, member of the RAAN (Russian Academy of Sciences Apperception).

It is the author's book of Boris Berezovsky.

The book talks about the psychological side of financial activities and provides original tips. Read more