books и: Richard Templar — Правила родителей

it is Impossible to prepare for the role of a parent in advance. It can test the strength of your patience, your nerves, your emotions and sometimes even your sanity. You start to go crazy about how to change a diaper or how to redeem the child, while not drowning him, but very soon convinced that it's flowers! Read more

books и: Paul Ekman — Что делать, если дети врут

Paul Ekman, a world-renowned expert on the theory of lies, shows parents how to deal effectively with the peculiar children of all ages a tendency to lie in a variety of situations, including small, innocent lies, boasting, bragging rights and a categorical refusal to share information. Read more

books и: William Pollack — Настоящие мальчики. Как спасти наших сыновей от мифов о мальчишестве

Uilyam_Pollak__Nastoyaschie_malchiki._Kak_spasti_nashih_synovej_ot_mifov_o_malchThis book raises the topic of taboo so deep that even its taboo nature is not recognized, while not specifically think. This is the theme of discrimination against men and boys — no, not in the human rights and civil liberties, and the ability to be alive.

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books и: Natalia Tolstaya — Секретный код счастья в семье, или Дорогой, сделай так, как нужно нам!!!

I don't know any woman who would not dream about caring and tender man, fulfilling all her whims, her worshipful, faithful and brave. Often in real life, the knight of dreams, who captured the women's heart and soul and something else, turns into an unkempt, rough, very unromantic guy who systematically poisons the life Read more

books и: Пэг Доусон, Ричард Гуар — Ваш ребенок может все

Hard day by day to see how capable child hardly copes with simple tasks and responsibilities. It would seem that there is nothing difficult to write math homework, not to forget the textbook at school and to make lessons till the evening. Why your daughter can't handle it? She understands math, and the teacher is Read more