book Review: Neil Fiore — Psychology of personal effectiveness

322321322132Habit to act immediately (that is, immediately to set priorities) will save you from having to make endless to-do lists and anxieties, all of you have time and true distributed your precious time. The schedule overwhelms the individual and, as a rule, does not allocate priorities. If all points are equally urgent, you'll become a workaholic. But you can become an indispensable employee who can concentrate on the most important and productive projects.

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books и: Richard Templar — Правила жизни

23212121Faced with insoluble problems or misfortunes, such people prefer not to take responsibility for themselves. They blame others or circumstances. Gradually, they begin to consider themselves a victim of the evil and cruel outside world, which for some reason does not want to reward their "goodness" or their "talent". Read more

book Review: Anthony Robbins — advice from a friend

233432We all want to change something in your life. These changes can be divided into two categories: some of them relate to our feelings toward the outside world (when we want to gain confidence, overcome fears, get rid of frustration, be happy or feel better about something that already happened) others actions (when we want to quit Smoking, to drink or to postpone the case from day to day). The main problem is that, while everyone wants to make these changes, very few people know how to do it — and how to keep this state for a long time. Read more

books и: Марти Лэйни – Преимущества интровертов

23122In fact, the introvert — type of temperament. It's not that the shyness or reticence. And not a pathology. In addition, it is the quality of the personality cannot be changed, even if very much want. But you can learn to work with him and not against him.

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books и: Terry Laughlin — Как рыба в воде

23432432Than a swimmer, an Amateur differs from a professional?

  • the ordinary swimmer has the years of entrenched inefficient movements;
  • the lover feels discomfort in the water;
  • are ordinary swimmer has the undeveloped joints and underdeveloped muscles;
  • the layman has no kinesthetic awareness (kinesthesia).

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books и: Donald O. Clifton, Tom Rath — Сила оптимизма. Почему позитивные люди живут дольше

The world as an objective reality does not exist. The world is beautiful or terrible depending on how you treat it. The share of the authors of the book fell very, very hard tests, but they managed not to lose optimism and spirit and to live a full and happy life. Read more

books : Атлант расправил плечи

«Атлант расправил плечи» (англ. Atlas Shrugged) — роман американской писательницы Ayn Rand, впервые опубликованный в 1957 году в США. Является четвёртым и последним романом Рэнд, а также самым длинным. Рэнд считала его своим главным произведением в литературной карьере.

the Plot

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books и: Tina Seelig — Сделай себя сам. Советы для тех, кто хочет оставить свой след

1380696533_sdelay_seby_samImagine that you have two hours and five dollars in his pocket. What kind of business you decide to open to get the maximum profit? Such questions cause you have an attack of despair? Maybe it would be better to consider them as a challenge and a chance?

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