books и: Neil Rackham — «СПИН-продажи»

1205051654370There are significant differences between large sales and small sales. When we buy something big, it takes a large amount of resources, that purchase is not personal, but collective, even while remaining personal, it can bring significant changes in the lives of consumers, so its adoption takes a lot of time. Read more

books и: Jonah Berger — Заразительный. Psychology сарафанного радио. Как продукты и идеи становятся популярными

social currency

Most of us prefer to look smart, not stupid rich, but not poor, cool, not eccentric. What we say, as well as clothes or a car, creates a certain impression about us. Think about communication as a kind of currency — social. Read more

books и: Stephen okay, shiffman — Техники холодных звонков

the well-Known Professor at Harvard business school once asked his students to call the basic, in their opinion, the cause of failure in business. The answers were very different – ranging from bad management and poor planning to bad product, wrong concepts and Read more

books и: Chichvarkin — Е…гений. Если из 100 раз тебя посылают 99

the Author, a business journalist of the weekly "the Secret", spent several months watching the everyday life of one of the most prominent Russian businessmen – the owner of the company "Euroset" Evgeny Chichvarkin. Together with a prominent businessman flew to Norilsk with the inspection of retail outlets where it is found that the shop is blown away by the wind. Attended Read more

books и: Damir Khalilov — Маркетинг в социальных сетях

the Internet is rapidly socialities, and that is the main trend of today's online environment. To date there are tens of thousands of different social networks and services: communications, news, professional, graphic, blog, video and Read more

books и: Malcolm Gladwell — Переломный момент

the Tipping point — the first book that the journal Correspondent opens your new project in the field of book publishing Smart books for smart people. The goal of the initiative is to familiarize the Ukrainian reader with the best works in different fields of business, psychology and other areas. The reporter is committed to Read more

books и: Carl Sewell — Клиенты на всю жизнь

In this unusual book has a whole section of four chapters is devoted to figuring out what the client wants. There is a Chapter devoted to toilets, but rather their effects on the perception of the client. And one Chapter focuses exclusively on signs and signs.

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books и: Denis Kaplunov — Эффективное коммерческое предложение

This book will be useful for everyone who at least time in life faced with the necessity of drawing up of commercial proposals. My goal is to turn it in your desktop tool which will help you to work effectively.

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books и: Dmitry cat — Копирайтинг: как не съесть собаку

This book is a set of techniques, tricks and secrets on writing sales texts (texts for websites, printing, business proposals and other promotional purposes). Each Chapter contains advice and ready to use – for example, how to write an effective title for the text. The reader opens the book to the desired page, choose the Board or the secret and embeds it. All the material of the publication is built to Read more

books и: Adrian Slivotski — Управление спросом

"I had to pay considerable penalties for that delayed the cassette with the film "Apollo 13". I had to return it to the rental 6 weeks ago, and the amount of the fine at that time was already $ 40, but it was the fact that I lost the tape. I knew that guilty, and didn't want to tell his wife about it, but then asked myself if I'm ready Read more

books и: Philip Kotler — Маркетинг 3.0. От продуктов к потребителям и далее — к человеческой душе

the New book world-renowned marketing guru Philip Kotler «Marketing 3.0» for many will be a revelation and only for the most experienced in marketing will confirm what they intuitively already knew. In developed countries today (and in the developing — very soon,)

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