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The teacher and researcher Martin Olsen lainey defended his doctoral dissertation, studying herself. From developments about the phenomenon of introvertness, frequent observations of loved ones and reflections on his personality, was born a wonderful job "Invincible introvert". After the presentation of the book M. O. lanie lectures at universities in Canada and the United States, works as a guest expert in staff training programs, trains employees of bows and international corporations First Interstate Bank, Rockwell International. Psychologist believes that in extraverted the world, requiring employees activity and openness, there is a place for introverts.

In the description of the book Marty O lanie have collected the most characteristic traits of introverts: the feeling that there's too much going on; desire to be alone and enjoy the conversations with only the closest; intolerance to loud parties and major holidays. Recognize yourself? Then read the review of the book by M. lanie "Invincible introvert" to learn how to use your natural potential and turn it into an invincible inner strength. Will a lot of quotes and unexpected evidence of extrovertness.

"I couldn't rely on myself because I never knew how to react to a question." Society has the wrong idea about introverts: "retarded", "slow", "socially inactive", "closed", "loner". At least once in the life of the introvert had to hear his side of this expression, and do feel "empty" in the lag moments. Marty she accurately described the condition of the introverts on your example: "I was Even more confused by the fact that, when I finally spoke out loud, often said that I answered clearly and well, and sometimes my classmates talked to me like I was retarded. Myself I am not considered stupid, but not seemed himself a model of wit".

"Itself I'm not considered stupid, but not seemed himself a model of wit".

M lanie, "Invincible introvert"

Not knowing the basics of their nature, introverts miss the opportunity to Shine in society, though, according to the description of M. lanie, they have to do a lot more opportunities than extroverts. Differences in the type of perception and self-presentation inherent nature, the author believes that "the Peculiarities of my thinking sasali me. It was not clear why so often I have been a strong afterthought."


  • Obshenie с людьми приносит вам смятение;
  • Do you like being around people, but not to attract attention;
  • You see more, notice the details, but are active;
  • Do you often have no energy to complete ordinary business, and for a week;
  • You make big pauses and slow talking;

Breath of relief! Perhaps you are an introvert on the farthest orbit of introvertness or, as he prefers to be expressed by a scale. "Introversion and extroversion are opposite ends of a continuum of energy. Our location it determines the way in which we draw energy. People on introverted the end to recharge your batteries, take inside yourself. Those who are on extraverted the end, ask for energy sources from the outside. A fundamental difference to draw energy can be seen in almost everything that we do."

the Long and short ways of information processing

"for Many introverts think that they don't know enough about any subject, as long as you do not know about him almost everything."

According to research conducted in Europe, temperament or personality type is genetically determined form. On the basis of information in the field of neuroscience, behaviorism, genetics was considered an indication of personality. The closest to this theme was the scale of the Myers-Briggs based on Jung's research. The result has been to reveal that "between introversion and intelligence there is an obvious correlation".

  • Brain way extroverts is activated dopamine is a powerful neurotransmitter that is closely connected with alertness and cognitive processes. He needed an accomplice – adrenaline, — which is released under the action of the sympathetic nervous system. Thus, the more active the extrovert is, the more flow of energy or "dose of happiness", as expressed by M. lanie, enters the blood, so more dopamine gets to the brain. Extroverts are physiologically well when they interact more.
  • Introverts too excited from dopamine, which is why they get bad. Neurotransmitter introverts – acetylcholine. He is associated with the main important functions of the brain necessary for life of the entire organism, and affect the focus, understanding and cognitive processes. That's why introverts can be a long time to remain vigilant. All that is examined is recorded in long-term memory and stimulates thought processes, which often occur in the background.

Opening pathways of knowledge with the help of neurotransmitters is suggested as it activates the nervous system in introverts and extroverts. The nervous system is the conduit between the brain and the body. She sends and reads signals in both directions. Then, with the help of which (neurotransmitters) of the nervous system connects the mind and body, "provides mosee influence on the decisions we make about our own behavior and reactions to the world around us".

Why you need to understand yourself?

"Life creates energy, energy creates energy. Just wasting yourself with the mind, man's life can become rich".

Eleanor Roosevelt

Braking and speed, activity and rest – simple lines of behaviour of an ordinary person. Introverts often feel overwhelmed, trying to live and act like introverts, and lose. The American model of society promotes dopamine-adrenaline type of communication or behavior of extroverts, as notices M. lanie: be active, strive, go, do, speak without thinking. Introverts by nature are not as "energy-releasing need another type of equipment body charge.

"System full speed" is focused on energy costs, it does not restore the body. They could also develop problems with sleep and digestion, cardiovascular disease, and immune deficiency.

Good preparation is half the victory

A good saying of Cervantes can be an incentive to study and understand itself. Psychologist M. lane, in his book "Invincible introvert" offers working techniques of relaxation and behavior at work. Regular practice to get rid of congestion and empty heads. Using the tips M lanie you will be able to take control of your nervous system and get acquainted with the inner workings of an introspective degree of immersion in itself.

The powers of introverts:

  • are You unable to concentrate, to work carefully, persistently errands;
  • Introverts are persistent, able to think creatively,
  • work Well without constant supervision;
  • Constantly form ideas in the mind;
  • "Write" the information in long-term memory;
  • Provide an opportunity to develop colleagues;

That M lanie advises introverts to remind yourself that you have done for the day; to congratulate yourself on small victories and carried out plans; to remember the enjoyable (talk, praise, compliment); to list and record all ideas that come to mind. According to the author "Invincible introvert" the liner need more encouragement and praise than extroverts, since they are fully immersed in their own world and can't imagine how much doing for others and what a powerful force you possess. Nature has created us such as we are, but we can make natural instincts of building material for the ascent to the top!

Tips for the working environment – a good presentation to your colleagues:

  • do Not be offended when the group moved on. Ask to reserve a place in the General discussion.
  • from time to Time to Express the emotions aloud: I like your ideas.
  • to explain to colleagues that when you say something, it means what you think.
  • Let people understand that you are interested on their project.
  • to Discuss by email, if you live hard.
  • Do not schedule more than 3 meetings of the week and personal time for yourself.
  • Ask others to react to what you do.

"Why the liner is not disclosed more and do not advertise ourselves?"

M lanie found a reasonable explanation for the "abnormal" modesty introverts – these creatures are protecting their territory. Introverts like protected space for thinking about ideas is the only way they can protect their holdings. Therefore, they reduce power drain and restrict the entrance for all that the outside world sends in their direction.

"To find the good life you must become yourself"

Dr. bill Jackson

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