books и: Eugene Belonoschenko — Рожденные с характером

baby-club-belonoshchenko-process-02-01In the history of psychology is no more shocking and influential than Sigmund Freud. Surprisingly, even one phrase at the end of a small article could become the basis for the whole direction in psychology. And despite the fact that the paper "Character and anal eroticism" at first (as much the legacy of Freud) caused a sharp rejection of even close friends and disciples. Read more

books и: Джон О’Кифф — Нешаблонное мышление

In a few years, I have checked in practice, which is constantly thought. And pondered over what I had to do. All the while there were people who supported me. I want to thank everyone who at different times told me that to achieve excellence in any undertaking can only be passing on their knowledge to others.

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books и: Отто Крегер, Джанет Тьюсен — Почему мы такие 16 типов личности, определяющих, как мы живем, работаем и любим

Chapter 1. Shortcuts and nicknames

This book is devoted to nicknames. Anyway, we are awarding nicknames to other people. You have all heard phrases like: "He's such a jerk" "Hey, you, Smarty pants, what's the correct answer?", "She is so smart!", "My boss is awful twitchy", "She's just a talker", "He is really big man!". And this is only a small part of them. Read more

books и: Adam Grant — Брать или отдавать Новый взгляд на психологию отношений

brat-ili-otdavatOur time, society, business laws require us to be strong, and sometimes harsh behavior. Aim to get more than give. Propose to use personal relationships for their own benefit. To put their interests above the needs of others. However, Adam Read more

books и: George Derlugyan — Как устроен этот мир. Наброски на макросоциологические темы

In this compilation of articles relate to the genre of popular science. They are popular in style and form, i.e. written in the expectation that an educated person will be able to read them even in the subway, plane or at night. This is not a journalistic controversy, and not conviction, and not abstract metaphysics, and not an applied sociology public Read more

books и: Дмитрий Жуков — Стой, кто ведет. Биология поведения человека и других зверей

Hormones are part of mechanisms, which are called humoral. "Humor" means "liquid". "Humoral mechanisms" – those associated with the substances dissolved in body fluids. Its main liquid – blood, and the main humoral factors such as hormones.

In our body as in the body of all multicellular animals, there are two Read more

books и: Джеймс Глейк — Хаос. Создание новой науки

In 1974 the police of a small town Los Alamos, new Mexico, tugged reports that after dark on deaf streets wandering a strange man. From night to night, light his cigarettes floated in the dark. Without purpose, he wandered for hours in the light of the stars, easily pronitsatel thin mountain air. Perplexed Read more

books и: Michael Литвак — Психологическое Айкидо

On one of the public lectures devoted to the problem of communication, I asked his audience: "Who here likes power?" None of the 450 people not answered in the affirmative. When I asked to raise hands those who want to become a hypnotist, guess how many people raised their hand? Properly, almost everything. What conclusions can we draw?

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