book Review: Vadim Zeland — "Transerfing reality" Step 2 — the rustle of the morning stars

443543543543with the Transurfing of reality is the theory, which is esoteric in nature and is published by an author named Vadim Zeland since 2004 in a series of books with the same title. Read more

books и: Ог Мандино — Ключ к лучшей жизни

32543534Want to live better? You are not satisfied with your way of life, and you want to radically change? You're desperate? Don't worry. Amateurs a practical guide for improving your destiny good gift became another bestseller from the American "guru" Og Mandino "the Key to a better life." Read more

Review of books: Atlas shrugged

"Atlas shrugged" (eng. Atlas Shrugged) is a novel by American writer Ayn Rand first published in 1957 in the United States. Is the fourth and last novel Rand and the longest. Rand considered him as his main work in the literary career.

the Plot

In the US, politicians are beginning to support the claims against monopolization of markets. In fact, their actions Read more

Book review: Vadim Zeland — "Transerfing reality" Tier 1 — Space options

You will surely like all people, want to live comfortably, in prosperity, disease and turmoil. But life disposed differently and twists you like a paper boat in the turbulent flow. In the pursuit of happiness, you have tried many well-known ways. Many of you were able to achieve within the traditional Read more

book Review: sun Tzu — the Art of war

Of all the «the Seven military canons» «Military strategy» sun Tzu, traditionally known as «the Art of war», is most prevalent in the West. First translated by a French missionary nearly two centuries ago, she always studied and was used by Napoleon, and, perhaps, some representatives of the Nazi Read more

book Review: Boris Berezovsky — How to earn big money

berezovskyBoris Berezovsky is a well-known entrepreneur, a famous native of the Kuban, a successful oil and winemaker, member of the RAAN (Russian Academy of Sciences Apperception).

It is the author's book of Boris Berezovsky.

The book talks about the psychological side of financial activities and provides original tips. Read more

books и: Karl Popper — Логика научного исследования

In the Preface to the first edition of the book, written in 1934, I attempted to explain — although I'm afraid insufficiently deployed — my attitude to the then dominant philosophy of the situation, and especially towards linguistic philosophy and the school of > Read more

books и: Anderson Benedict — Воображаемые сообщества

the name of the famous Benedict Anderson's book on everyone's lips. The formula of "imagined communities" has mastered even those who have never read the famous essays. Not surprising. I think she fully discloses the content being polemically pointed against all concepts of nation and nationalism, suggesting Read more