books и: gene Callahan — Экономика для обычных людей

Perhaps you've heard about the Austrian economic school and want to learn more about it. Or you disheartening economic theory that is taught in textbooks and Newspapers, and you are looking for a more realistic view of the economic life. Behavior Read more

books и: Alexander Auzan — Экономика всего. Как институты определяют нашу жизнь

The book that lies before you, dear reader, I did not write. I was told, dictated, and read as mini-lectures. The first idea of this format was expressed by Valeriy Panyushkin, who five or six years ago did to me the first column for Esquire magazine in the style of mini-lectures. Using Read more

books и: Paul Heine — Экономический образ мышления

Economic theory is not a set of ready-made recommendations that apply directly to economic policy. It is more a method than a doctrine, an intellectual instrument, a technique of thinking, helping those who possess it, to come to correct conclusions. Read more

books и: Michael Lewis — Бумеранг

The idea of this book was born by accident, when I was working on another book about wall street and the financial meltdown of 2008 in the United States. I was interested in a small group of investors became rich during the collapse of markets for low-quality mortgages. In 2004 the largest investment banks on wall street created a tool for their own Read more

books и: Alexander Auzan — Институциональная экономика для чайников

Glad to present to your attention a book of Esquire magazine and Alexander Auzan, which will be one of the first books in the "Library BKS". The world around us every day is getting harder, and to subject this world, be it a person, a company or the government could be successful in this subject you need to be competitive.

In our series we will publish as books, Read more