books и: Michael HART — 100 великих людей, изменивших мир

7001_coverTo the number of great men who, by their scientific discoveries, humanitarian interventions, peacekeeping programs have changed the world could be considered a huge number of representatives, because every century is full of individuals who deserve to be among the hundred most great.

In 1978 was published the first book of Michael HART, who numbered the one hundred greatest men in history. In this book there are short biographies of these people. But there is another book of this author, released in 1992, which is slightly enhanced by some outstanding personalities of the 20th century.

But his book is mostly dedicated to political figures, philosophers and historians all over the world, and how revolutionary leaders and peacekeepers? Therefore, we believe it is more important to include them in the list of hundred great people who changed the world. Read more

books и: Howard Gardner — Великолепная пятерка

21212211The five types of thinking

Each person be a valuable professional, you have to have at least one key competence – discipline, which he deeply and comprehensively studied. Secondly, modern man is continuously receiving huge amount of information, must have the skill of synthesis – ability to aggregate data from various sources and to detect a pattern. Read more

books и: Richard Branson — К черту все! Берись и делай

324e234323223Branson for the first time immersed in the world of business at age 16, when together with a friend, began publishing a magazine called Student for students. After a short time, this magazine became well known throughout the UK. Read more

books и: Anthony Robbins — Советы друга

233432We all want to change something in your life. These changes can be divided into two categories: some of them relate to our feelings toward the outside world (when we want to gain confidence, overcome fears, get rid of frustration, be happy or feel better about something that already happened) others actions (when we want to quit Smoking, to drink or to postpone the case from day to day). The main problem is that, while everyone wants to make these changes, very few people know how to do it — and how to keep this state for a long time. Read more

books и: Джим Дорнан – Пианино на берегу

657657657Jim Dornan – "Piano on the shore" — this is a book about capitalism "with a human face". The richness in the understanding of this author, the successful man, the Creator of "Network 21" — a global company in the field of educational activities, and a recognized leader and speaker around the world Read more

books и Робин Шарма — Монах, который продал свой «Феррари»

34543543Robin Sharma – "the Monk who sold his Ferrari" — it is a guide for those who are going to create your happiness. Its main character, a successful lawyer, forced to "sell "Ferrari" to find peace of mind. Read more