books и: Brian Tracy — Привычки на миллион

When I see the next book's title promising to teach me how to make a million, always ask the question: is there the same million the author of "the most effective and besprogryshnye" methods of enrichment? Brian Tracy million there are, apparently, not alone. Don't believe you Google his biography. That Tracy rich, declare quite authoritative sources. What does this mean? So he can learn to be rich. And so, a book about habits that can make you a millionaire, the author wrote knowledgeably. Read more

book Review: Boris Berezovsky — How to earn big money

berezovskyBoris Berezovsky is a well-known entrepreneur, a famous native of the Kuban, a successful oil and winemaker, member of the RAAN (Russian Academy of Sciences Apperception).

It is the author's book of Boris Berezovsky.

The book talks about the psychological side of financial activities and provides original tips. Read more

books и: Brian Tracy — 21 секрет успеха миллионеров

This book is the result of fifteen years of research, learning and personal experience on such a broad topic, like a millionaires who earned their money. The following pages contain the key ideas and strategies that I have found as a result of reading hundreds of books and thousands of articles devoted to the accumulation of wealth. All of these ideas and strategies presented Read more

books и: Napoleon hill — Думай и богатей

In each Chapter of this book describes how to successfully make money, it is a secret that helped the rich to hundreds of people. For years, I was busy analyzing their careers.

For the first time this secret I learned from Andrew Carnegie more than fifty years ago. Lovely and charming old Scotsman casually gave it to me, still a green youngster. After Read more

books и: Robert Kiyosaki — Квадрант денежного потока

This book is about financial knowledge. Rich people many years ago had mastered some basic principles that ensure free and independent lifestyle, while other people suffer, trying to meet the demands of the market. In this book You will learn how to make money work for you, not You Read more

books и: Robert Kiyosaki — Отойти от дел молодым и богатым

The story of David and Goliath was one of my favorite fairy tales rich dad. I think he represented himself David – a man who started with nothing and rose to such heights that he was able to compete with the giants of the business. Rich dad said: "David was able to defeat Goliath because he knew how to use the power of leverage. The young man, armed with a simple slingshot and was much stronger than Goliath, the giant that is bringing all the horror. Such is the power of leverage".

Read more

books и: George Clason — Самый богатый человек в Вавилоне

This book just explores aspects of the personal success of each of us. Success is the goal of their own labor and skill. The key to success is in proper preparation for the implementation of the plan. The actions of wisdom are not more than thoughts. And the idea may not be a wiser understanding.

Offered in this book recipes escape from a Read more

books и: Robert Kiyosaki — Богатый папа, бедный папа

If the school prepares children for life in the real world? «train hard, get good knowledge, and you will find a high-paying job with a good income» — I would say my parents. Their goal in life was to give higher education to my elder sister and me that we had a significant chance for success in life. When I finally, in 1976, earned her diploma, graduating with distinction as one of the best in class reporting Read more