Book review: Bodo Shefer — Mani, or ABC money

"Mani or ABC money" writer Bodo Schaefer talks about the ways to acquire wealth in their hands, which already hovers near you and ready to turn in ideas and projects that get rich you need only to open the book and read it from beginning to end.

The practice of the book "Mani or ABC money" really helped me in my time to appreciate anew its capacity to revise some old installation that I only in life is interfered with, and also learn to think globally, examining and savoring the idea from different sides – at least for this, as for the overall development, you should read it.

The book is quite small – about 110 pages in the printed edition. Interested originally the name of the author and is progressive the name "Mani". The internal component, i.e. the text itself, a description of your actions offered for consideration by the author. You will need to go through several stages in planning and achieving his dream, to work (where no esoteric) with his inner self, thinking process and view of the world.

That's at least the eye about the visualization that invites you to cut the desired objects and achieve them with the help of day-to-day examining them and visualize what they have already, and what will be the way of the implementation is already on.

  1. Is a rule which is very powerful if you light up a new idea – the rule is 72 hours. You need not so much time to your dream come true, and often do not postpone it indefinitely, giving time to go back to her, a year or two or more. No! Bodysuit Schaefer offers you to realize your dream in just 72 hours, that in itself is revolutionary!
  2. Create your own success journal, where you have to rethink something that has reached, and only record the performance. If you are not satisfied with what happened today, tomorrow you'll do two or even three times better and more so use all that you have achieved in your own magazine, while desired will not be in your life and then set yourself a new goal and do not give up ever!
  3. "Mani, or ABC money" offers are not hard rational concept of the adult world, and achieve results effortlessly. How would you put the cubes together with the world – trying to do everything correctly and accurately, but do not lose the creative element that helps your brain not zakostenet and to think creatively (that is why all of these magazines and Board visualization). Thus, the author Bodo Schaefer offers us not only a rational approach to some targets, in terms of pragmatics, dry and stale, and the search for new coils, new corridors that you have to stop by and pothupitiya on a straight road, because life is diversity, what is almost a maze, but without the pessimistic overtones, and she wants you to bring itself into something beautiful if you let her and trust the process of achieving goals, which are described in the book Bodo Schaefer "Mani, or ABC money". Reading is a must!


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