books и: Patrick Lencioni — Как решить пять основных проблем команды

2323233223In your development team must overcome five challenges:

Problem # 1: lack of a trusting

the Members of good teams trust one another on a fundamental emotional level. They can afford to be vulnerable, admitting each other's mistakes, weaknesses, fears... They reach the level where I can be completely honest with each other without regard. This is important because...

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Review of books: Atlas shrugged

"Atlas shrugged" (eng. Atlas Shrugged) is a novel by American writer Ayn Rand first published in 1957 in the United States. Is the fourth and last novel Rand and the longest. Rand considered him as his main work in the literary career.

the Plot

In the US, politicians are beginning to support the claims against monopolization of markets. In fact, their actions Read more

books и: Alexander Friedman — Вы или Вас профессиональная эксплуатация подчиненных

what that

professional operation staff, and regular management as a means to ensure this a useful process.

No, this is not a bug. The name is really written the word "exploitation". Of course, in the background Read more

books и: Danielle Laporte — Разожги огонь! Искренние советы для тех, кто ищет свой путь

Come here, sit by the fire...

If you decide to do what is vocation in the different areas of your life will be positive changes. Realized in the career of your passion and living will begin to match your Read more

books и: sun Tzu — Искусство войны

Of all the «the Seven military canons» «Military strategy» sun Tzu, traditionally known as «the Art of war», is most prevalent in the West. First translated by a French missionary nearly two centuries ago, she always studied and was used by Napoleon, and, perhaps, some representatives of the Nazi Read more

books и: Konosuke-Matsushita — Миссия-бизнеса

it was as much as eighty years since, as I at the age of nine left his home town and began working as an apprentice. For all these lay in the center of my life has always been business. I've watched how hard and fast the world is changing, and this allowed me to gain significant business Read more

books и: Ari de Geus — Живая компания. Рост научение и долгожительство в деловой среде

Ari de Geus first got me thinking about the connection between low life expectancy and low viability of firms that continue to operate. This is a book of practical philosophy. Outstanding practices like Ari can make a unique contribution to management thought, Read more

books и: Vladimir Repin — Моделирование бизнес-процессов

Management of business processes – a key element of the control system of a modern company. Methods of process control are actively developing. There are new and improving existing tools for the description and regulation of business processes. Widely used Read more