Book review: Michael HART — 100 great people who changed the world

7001_coverTo the number of great men who, by their scientific discoveries, humanitarian interventions, peacekeeping programs have changed the world could be considered a huge number of representatives, because every century is full of individuals who deserve to be among the hundred most great.

In 1978 was published the first book of Michael HART, who numbered the one hundred greatest men in history. In this book there are short biographies of these people. But there is another book of this author, released in 1992, which is slightly enhanced by some outstanding personalities of the 20th century.

But his book is mostly dedicated to political figures, philosophers and historians all over the world, and how revolutionary leaders and peacekeepers? Therefore, we believe it is more important to include them in the list of hundred great people who changed the world. Read more

book Review: John Maxwell — the Art of communication

r435433443When the people will feel in you a kindred spirit, they will be good for you to respond, to trust you and to enjoy fellowship with you.

to establish good relations with others, forget about yourself and concentrate on them all his attention.

in Order to establish strong relationships, and show people that you care about what you are willing to help them and that they can trust you.

Set the audience a visual, intellectual, emotional, and verbal contact. Read more

books и: Neil Fiore — Psychology личной эффективности

322321322132Habit to act immediately (that is, immediately to set priorities) will save you from having to make endless to-do lists and anxieties, all of you have time and true distributed your precious time. The schedule overwhelms the individual and, as a rule, does not allocate priorities. If all points are equally urgent, you'll become a workaholic. But you can become an indispensable employee who can concentrate on the most important and productive projects.

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book Review: Tal Ben-Shahar — to Be happier

332232223The book analyzes different kinds of happiness: in your career, in your personal life and in training. And everytime I more and more you learn about happiness, and about what different forms it can take. With age or with changes in their vital pillars of the concept of happiness changes completely every person. But what is the common denominator for all these different, unique unlike each other: the school teacher, Manager, athlete, a homeless artist, if all of them have various material wealth and status? Unites them and at the same time is a measure for everyone — how happy they are. Read more

book Review: Marsh Petrie sue — Toxic people

r43434343We are often surrounded by people, which is difficult to deal with – Tirana, whiners, grumblers, undecideds, knockers, schemers, Debbie, and so on. Communication with them is no fun, and the need to work together with them may jeopardize the success of our endeavors. They spoil our mood and lead us out themselves. And we repeatedly ask ourselves what to do.

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book Review: Howard Gardner — famous five

21212211The five types of thinking

Each person be a valuable professional, you have to have at least one key competence – discipline, which he deeply and comprehensively studied. Secondly, modern man is continuously receiving huge amount of information, must have the skill of synthesis – ability to aggregate data from various sources and to detect a pattern. Read more