A summary of the book: Smith Manuel — the Training of self-confidence

Trening_uverennosti_v_sebe._Kompleks_uprazhnenij_dlya_razvitiya_uverennostiLife confronts us all with challenges and it is quite normal. It's not the failure, but the failure adequately to resolve them.

The fact that we will have problems in life — it is natural; but it is equally natural that we are all able to solve them.

All my experience and observing thousands of other people that I have encountered in my life, allowed me to come to the conclusion that we will have problems in life — it is natural; but it is equally natural that we are all able to solve them. Read more

a summary of the book: Gawain Shakti — Creative visualization


Creative visualization is a way to use the imagination that allows you to create what you desire. In creative visualization there is nothing strange, new or unusual. In fact you use it every day, every minute. This is the natural power of your imagination, the primary creative energy of the universe, Read more

a summary of the book: Andrey Parabellum, Nicholas Mroczkowski — Fast results. The 10-day program to increase personal effectiveness

34543543Physical activity

First — always start the day with some physical activity.

no Matter what it is, you choose, it is important that it made you sweat.

Read more

a summary of the book: Dori Clark — Personal rebranding. How to change your image, its reputation

54354534354The first step to professional upgrade — understand what you have at the moment are going to start moving. A personal brand is for everyone, even though some skeptics deny this. However, to argue don't argue, be eliminated from the scoring of society impossible. The concept of personal brand was coined in the late 1990-ies, after the cover of the influential American magazine Fast Read more

a summary of the book: Chris Argyris — How to teach a scientist. Single and double loop learning. Overcoming defensive positions

65454Tricks professionals

The last 15 years I have seriously studied the activities of the consultants working in the field of management. While the efforts at learning and change focused on external organizational factors — the restructuring of work processes, compensation programs, evaluating Read more

a summary of the book: Marty lanie — the Advantages introverts

54352345342In fact, the introvert — type of temperament. It's not that the shyness or reticence. And not a pathology. In addition, it is the quality of the personality cannot be changed, even if very much want. But you can learn to work with him and not against him.

The main thing that distinguishes introverts from extroverts — energy source: introverts find it in your inner world of ideas, emotions Read more

a summary of the book: Daniel Pink — a Future for right hemisphere

3254353453The future belongs to a completely different type of people who will think equally in different categories: creators and empaths, craftsmen to redraw the images and create new values for known items. They, the artists, inventors, designers, story tellers, comforters, compassionate, able to cover the picture of the world as a whole, will receive wide public recognition and will share with others your great achievements.

Four key differences Read more

a summary of the book: Dan Heath, Chip Heath — the Trap of thinking. How to make decisions about which you will not regret it

435434In July 2012, a user named claireabelle sent a message about my dilemma in Community Q&A on the website www.ask.com:

claireabelle: to Leave or not? I don't know what to do. Every time I come to my friend's house or hanging out with his family, I feel that I am constantly judging. His sister, my age, treats me very roughly. His older brother hates me, calling me a bitch. Read more

a summary of the book: mark Hurst — a Pot, do not boil! How to curb the endless stream of emails and tasks


Bits — the thing is heavy, although the physical weight they have. Bits of electronic data that flows back and forth according to our mailboxes, cell phones, browsers, etc. They represent a huge burden for all who use them. No matter how much in the laptop emails — one or thousands at his weight Read more

a summary of the book: Arthur Dumchev — to Remember everything. A practical guide to the development of memory

3425442435234the Nature of memory

Imagine that you are the brain. Just try to abstract and to imagine yourself as a very important part of the human brain (if you suddenly presented itself to the spinal cord, do not worry: just take a deep breath, relax, and read the paragraph from the beginning).

So the system of you management. Read more

a summary of the book: Seth Godin — Indispensable. Is it possible to get along without you

223232323a Young man enters the compartment of the Spanish trains and, to his surprise, he sees that it sits Pablo Picasso. After some time, plucking up courage, he turns to the Maestro and said, "Senor Picasso, you are certainly a great artist, but why do your pictures, and generally all modern paintings are broken and twisted? Why don't you paint reality?" Picasso at the Read more