a summary of the book: Jill Konrath — the sale of large companies

32543523454To sell to large companies difficult. It's true. Sometimes it seems that they built fortifications around their offices, so no reason not to let you in. The names of those who make the decisions, classified. Calls taken by the Secretary or, worse, they are redirected to an answering service. And no illusions that you will call back. When I started to work with major clients, in my imagination they were people, endowed with supernatural powers. While Read more

Конспект книги: Seth Godin — Фиолетовая корова

5435465a Good product with poor marketing has no chances of success.

structure of the system, in principle, simple. Looks for the large or growing promising niche in the market where as yet no one dominates. Built factories, paid a large amount of television advertising. Advertising opens access to retail and stimulates the sales. Sales provide the download production and bring Read more

Конспект книги: Dan Kennedy — Умный маркетинг в жесткие времена

432534654645I define marketing as the delivery of correct message about the product to the right people using the right tools and techniques.

The goal of "Smart marketing in tough times" — to acquaint you with a process that allows me as a consultant to help customers create Read more

a summary of the book: Barry Schwartz — the Paradox of choice. Why more means less

342545434The paradox of choice: a road map

Six years ago, I went to the clothing store The Gap to buy jeans. I used to wear jeans until, until they become rags, and since my previous purchase went a considerable period. I was approached by a young pretty girl, shopper, and asked how she could help.

Read more

Конспект книги: Dmitry cat — Копирайтинг: как не съесть собаку

How to know will people read the text or not? Read the text aloud. Out loud! If you like this nightmare is never looking into the eyes of the customer will not say, and on paper he say that is not necessary.

Than the text clearer, the more effective it is. The task of selling text — to replace a personal meeting with the sales Manager.

The user would rather close the site than to look for answers to your question in the canvas text Read more

a summary of the book: Murat Turgunov — Guerrilla sales. How to take the client away from competitors

5345435423Treat people with respect

The attitude toward others should not depend on their situation and position, gender and age, skin colour and nationality. You need to treat everyone with the same respect. Remember: modesty – aerobatics for a business person.

we should Not assume that a businessman should be a serious face – it is not. For a start Read more

a summary of the book: Radmilo Lukich — sales Management

53465436354You have to sell only one thing – their status. First and most important thing that you need to have the status of expert in their field. And immediately BUT. Your field is not the field where your products and services. Another more important part – your client's business. With the expert is awkward to argue about the price. If most of your meetings begin and Read more

a summary of the book: mark cook — Masters of sales

564675754Begin with a comprehensive medical examination

the people responsible for the growth of sales, almost no time to listen to complaints or resolving problems. In the cheerful world arrived no time discussing all sorts of useless topics with the usual complainers. However, whatever they are called — complaints and interference issues, problems, deficiencies or matters of hygiene, — Read more

a summary of the book: Joe Girard — How to make whatever deal

5634654654Overcome buyer resistance.

I've introduced a pre-registration approximately three years after coming into the automotive business. I worked about the same as a lawyer or a doctor and due to this more professional-looking and significantly. Occasionally there were "pads», and then the buyers had to wait about an hour. In such cases, I Read more

Конспект книги: Stephen okay, shiffman — Техники холодных звонков

42423412Basic knowledge

Into times square one guy sells business card holder. He just stands there and continuously repeats: "Buy!", "Buy!" Catch? He doesn't do anything else only says one word! It explains the essence of the sales process. If you meet with enough people, eventually you will be able any of them to sell your product no matter what efforts you take. If you Read more

a summary of the book: Andy Sernovitz — Word of mouth marketing

34224334234243The companies need to appoint a helpdesk that will comb the Internet in search of praise and complaints. Finding the praise, he should thank the author. Finding the complaint to address the problem.

Commerce Bank established in the offices of the free public exchange of trivia. Machines taking over is 7 per cent, smashed to smithereens.

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