A summary of the book: V. — Manager of the Mafia

432432432432432Do business with strangers as if they were your brothers and with brothers as if they are strangers.

The most important thing in your business relationship is a reputation based on honesty.

Gold from someone who has more power and who sets the rules.

Do not go into other people's business, but pay attention to success. If your neighbor gets up early, get up even earlier.

Never give advice to partners, if that is your case there is no benefit. Read more

a summary of the book: Robert Cialdini — Well, sure

4654654465do Not steal chips

Man is inclined to do as others do, often contrary to common sense and decency.

In the United States is a protected area "Stone forest", where people come with excursions. Of course, the woods torn in pieces. What to do? To put plates. At the same time to conduct an experiment, what is the sign more effective.

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Конспект книги: Роджер Фишер, William URY, Bruce Patton — Переговоры без поражения

4354563434a common scenario of negotiations

the Most common form of negotiation depends on the sequential classes, and then passing the number of positions. When the negotiators took specific items that they are trapped in them. The more you clarify your position and the fiercer protect it from the attacks of the other hand, the Read more

a summary of the book: Tom Schreiter — How to change the point of view of the candidate

875686people have a tendency to notice things that support their faith. When You give Your candidates a new knowledge, new faith and a new point of view, they will start to see the facts supporting Your business proposition. This means that only one simple question or contact can increase Read more

Конспект книги: Gavin Kennedy — Договориться можно обо всем

4356435432... 4 types of negotiators:
The donkeys. Appear unaware of existing opportunities, as well as in ill-conceived, predictable and stubborn resistance.
The sheep. These statements about them: "to Get anything — that's good", "Obediently accept the choice of others, following them like sheep to the slaughter", "No desire to fight for their interests", "Prefer rather to give up than to piss off the other side."
Fox. Quirky, pragmatic, play Read more

a summary of the book: Chen Zhang — the Wisdom of communication and the art of influence

6543764342You don't have to suffer pangs of conscience or a sense of awkwardness due to the fact that humanity is basically selfish. It from beginning to end has been and will be.

A truism that «people first care about themselves», is the basis of your relationship with other people.

As artfully to carry on a conversation with other people

When you talk to other people, it Read more

Конспект книги: Fisher Roger — Путь к согласию, или переговоры без поражения.

343424321.Do not drive bargaining position

Positional argument turns into a contest of wills.

Whatever related to discussion: a family quarrel or a peace settlement between Nations, people enter into the dispute, taking, as a rule, certain positions.

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a summary of the book: Paul McGee — communication Skills. How to find a common >

43454365436Why so much fuss about human relationships?

I wonder if any of the people with whom you live or work, those who behind your back, and openly mocks the fact that you read this book? Those who consider it so frivolous that it fit to provide a pink cover and a bow?

If they're right when they think this way?

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Конспект книги: Elizabeth Gummesson — Как общаться с пользой и получать от этого удовольствие

543265464536Difficult personal conversations

Each of us at least once in my life had to survive a difficult conversation. Some of these conversations happen more often, others less often. The themes of these conversations can be different: divorce, infidelity, problems with growing children, family feuds, debts, betrayal, redundancy, pressure of work, parenting, grief, and loneliness. It Read more

Конспект книги: John Maxwell – Искусство общения

543534543When the people will feel in you a kindred spirit, they will be good for you to respond, to trust you and to enjoy fellowship with you.

to establish good relations with others, forget about yourself and concentrate on them all his attention.

In order to establish strong relationships, and show people that you care about what you are ready Read more

Конспект книги: Larry King — Как разговаривать с кем угодно, когда угодно, где угодно

54353454I was convinced of one thing: having the right approach, you can talk with any person.

Honesty {: Gender}McGee
the Correct approach is
Interest to the interlocutor

The right approach – set to say, even in the case where at first you feel Read more