a summary of the book: Larry young, Brian Alexander — the Chemistry of love. A scientific look at love, sex and desire

423432423423the Paradox of infidelity

We would not be surprised if it turns out that at this point you scratch your head and ask yourself: "if we are so dependent on each other and scared to death to leave, why do relationships end? And how to explain the cheating wife or husband?" These two interesting question and a very difficult part of the puzzle over which no Read more

book Synopsis: Jamie cat Callan — French women don't sleep alone

234325432534In response to the question, where she meets with men, our typical Frenchwoman laughed and usually answered: "Yes, anywhere!" French met with men at University, in bars, goes with friends, night clubs, subway, market, cafe — reading a book, having fun at the party, doing the work. Wherever and however you want. All French women with whom we spoke, as Read more

a summary of the book: Gary Chapman — the Five love >

342423554365When I turned to Jean, she said, "Dr. Chapman, it's all good. But I want he sat down on the couch and talked to me. We never talk to each other. We never talked all thirty years. He washes dishes, cleans the house, mows the lawn. All the time he does something. I want him sat next to me on the couch and give me a little time, looked at Read more