Конспект книги: Jeff Davidson — Порядок за 60 секунд

3453534Sixty-proven ways that help defeat the chaos at home and at work.

Do you want to work efficiently? Lead your life in order!

Here are some ways that will help you become an organized person and manage their time most effectively:

Think positively.

Relax: to be organized is not difficult. Read more

Конспект книги: Gleb Arkhangelsky — Тайм-Драйв

whatever material wealth we may have achieved, the time each of us very little. In time no millionaires.

The lost time, as opposed to lost money, it is impossible to return.

Time management — это не только ежедневники, планы и сроки. Это технология, позволяющая использовать невосполнимое время вашей жизни в соответствии с вашими целями и ценностями.

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Конспект книги: Dan Kennedy — Жесткий тайм-менеджмент. Возьмите свою жизнь под контроль

34253425432534The efficiency of a deliberate and long-term use of your time, talent, mental abilities, energy, resources, and opportunities in a way that provides a measurable approach to your meaningful goals.

Constantly and persistently to avoid cases in which you are master that do not bring joy, and depressing to constantly Read more

A summary of the book: Pamela Dodd and Doug Sundheim — 25 best ways and techniques of time-management

24325342534Impossible to remember everything. Presenting your thoughts on paper helps to release your creative energy. If you want to better organize your time, you need to understand what it means for you.

Keep a diary of the time records.
1) for seven consecutive days, record everything you do. Record your actions every 5 minutes.
2) Write down everything, including communication, dreams, fantasies, intervals. Keep a record during action, not in Read more

Конспект книги: Gleb Arkhangelsky — Время на отдых. Для тех, кто много работает

65437563563To force myself to relax, it is necessary to cut as much as possible escape routes. To buy a ticket to the concert; written promise children a trip to the water Park with a specific time; to bet a decent amount of money that will go to the gym.

Helps "samogonovarenie". Once in the pool I caught myself thinking: "You are now well? Very good! Not sorry Read more