a summary of the book: Daniel Amen — Change your brain — will change and age!

3553453454Ten principles of the brain and the body

1. Your brain is involved in everything you do.

2. When the brain is working correctly, the body looks better and feel better. When the brain is upset, you have problems with appearance and health.

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Конспект книги: Howard Gardner — Структура разума теория множественного интеллекта


The concept of multiple intelligences is not a proven scientific fact is nothing more than an idea that recently received the right to serious study. In the words of the Soviet psychologist Lev Vygotsky, intelligence tests are able to detect the slightest hint of "level potential (or "nearest") of human development".

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a summary of the book: Andrey Maksimov — Psihoterapija. A book for those who are confused with rock

5454534What is the psyche of psihoterapii

Psyche is typical of this person's emotional properties of perception of the world and yourself.

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Конспект книги: Malcolm Gladwell — Переломный момент

23322222Chapter 1. The three pillars of the epidemic

Are the three pillars of a turning point (the law of small numbers, the stickiness factor and the power of circumstances) provide a way logical understanding of epidemics.

Chapter 2. The law of small numbers

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a summary of the book: Litvak Michael — Psychological Aikido

4354365436On one of the public lectures devoted to the problem of communication, I asked his audience: “Who here likes power?” None of the 450 people not answered in the affirmative. When I asked to raise hands those who want to become a hypnotist, guess how many people raised their hand? Properly, almost everything. What conclusions can we draw?

1.No one admits to himself that he loves power.

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A summary of the book: Thomas Cathcart, Daniel Klein — Aristotle and an aardvark go to Washington. The understanding of politics through philosophy and jokes

2343434323Chapter 1. Strategy verbiage

As to powder brains using demagoguery

Error Texas sniper. Some of the clever ways to get away from the truth — change the whole context, in which generally we can speak about the truth of that statement. It's an old epistemological hocus-pocus that we demonstrate three Read more

A summary of the book: Susan Cain — Introverts

6543767564756a Weak half

Extroverted and introverted traits some scientists called the South and North of our personality. From the peculiarities of the temperament depends on how we choose friends and work, how to communicate and cope with difficulties. They define how we tend to change, able to go without sleep, learn from their mistakes, Read more

a summary of the book: P. Kutter — Contemporary psychoanalysis

64565465445I. Human, all too human conflicts in everyday life and their reflection in the mirror of literature and film

The European tragedy ("the Odyssey" by Homer, "Aeneid" of Virgil, the tragedies of Sophocles "Oedipus the King" "Oedipus at Colonna", "Antigone", a reworked Greek myths in "Oreste", "Seven against Thebes" and "Chained Read more

a summary of the book: Paul bloom — Science fun. Why we love what we love

4535433543the Essence of fun

Hermann Goering — the prospective successor of Hitler — expected execution for crimes against humanity when he was given stunning news. At the time, according to an eyewitness, Goering looked “as if for the first time realized that the world is evil”.

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a summary of the book: Dmitry Zhukov — who leads. Biology and behavior of humans and other animals


The thing that ultimately interests every man is himself. This idea was repeatedly expressed by many experts on human nature.

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A summary of the book: Daniel Kahneman — decision Making in uncertainty. Rules and prejudices

342423432111How people evaluate the probability of an uncertain event or the value undefined value? People rely on a limited number of heuristic principles which reduce complex tasks of assessing probabilities and predicting values to simpler operations

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