A summary of the book: Andrew Sargent — How to motivate people

6435434534One of the greatest discoveries of Abraham Maslow is considered to be invented hierarchy, according to which people possess certain set of needs, the satisfaction of which they are motivated.

Maslow suggests that the needs motivate people only if you do not find your satisfaction. If you follow the created hierarchy, the lower order needs (basic physical needs, comfort, safety and Read more

Конспект книги: Brian Tracy — Оставьте брезгливость, съешьте лягушку!

54354654654a Long-known common phrase: "If every morning you have to eat a live frog, all day then you can be satisfied knowing that probably nothing worse you today is not going to happen."

Another proverb is: "If you have to eat two frogs, eat the ugly first of them."

Finally, this observation: if you have Read more

a summary of the book: Jon Acuff — Start. Punch fear in the face, stop trying to be "normal" and go do something worthwhile

54654541. YOU ARE HERE

If you ever use the services of Korean Air, then gliding to her seat in economy class with your eyes closed. Yes, it's not very convenient, but believe me, such an inconvenience is to suffer: you don't know what it looks like first class.

the Problem is that the plane go in front. Read more

A summary of the book: Reinhard Sprenger — Myths of motivation. Outputs the deadlock

546756756Chapter 1. Momentum from practice

Individual bonuses make collaboration impossible, relationships between colleagues become strained, it develops an unprecedented size egoism departments.

Tricks and tricks to motivate employees, primarily interested in the weaker management skills, stronger Read more