A summary of the book: Ksenia Abulkhanova — life Strategy

The fact that the reality that the conditions of life, life situation, which is presented to him their demands, put limits, does not mean that he, in turn, may bring their claims to life.

Personal life, according to Rubenstein, "it's the richest, most concrete, comprising as a single variety and a hierarchy of increasingly abstract relationships… personal life acts like life, including the public, but not only him, but also a cognitive attitude to life and aesthetic attitude to life, and the attitude of the other person as a human being, as an assertion of its existence". Read more

Конспект книги: Vadim Zeland — «Трансерфинг реальности» Ступень 5 — Яблоки падают в небо

433543543543Mirror principles:

  1. The world is like a mirror, reflects your attitude.
    2. A reflection is formed in the unity of soul and mind.
    3. The dual mirror reacts with a delay.
    4. The mirror says the content of the attitude, ignoring its orientation.
    5. Think not about what you do not want, but about what you aspire to achieve.
    6. To release its grip and allow the world to move adrift alternatives.
    7. Any reflection to be perceived as positive. By managing your mind, you control reality

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Конспект книги: Vadim Zeland — «Трансерфинг реальности» Ступень 4 — Управление реальностью

321321321The relationship of man with the surrounding world develop in such a way that any novelty inevitably spills over into everyday life.

the Purpose and meaning of life of any beings consists in control of reality.

Boredom, as such, does not exist – is only constant and unquenchable thirst to control a reality.

Estimates based on the comparison, generate polarization. Read more

Конспект книги: Vadim Zeland — «Трансерфинг реальности» Ступень 3 — Вперед в прошлое

56465346554To resolve the mental tension that is necessary and sufficient to relieve the importance. You are in a state of tension only at the expense of redundant values that attach to what touches you.

The cause of physical tension is mental tension. The state of oppression, anxiety, anger, fear causes spasmodic muscle tension.

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A summary of the book: Robin Sharma — the Monk who sold his Ferrari

43254354However, I realized that everything has a cause, but said the Krishnan. – All done with a purpose, and every failure carries a lesson. I realized that the loss – personal and professional, and even spiritual – can significantly expand the horizons of the individual. They lead to inner growth and have a number of spiritual acquisitions. Never regret your past. Think of him as good teacher.

Julian, hardly believing what is happening, Read more

Конспект книги: Vadim Zeland — «Трансерфинг реальности» Ступень 1 — Пространство вариантов

543564563465You believe their actions to overcome obstacles. Actually, it turns out that you get what you choose. You choose to fight obstacles and get them in abundance. You are absorbed in thoughts about the problems and they are always present in your life. Your actions are aimed at changing the situation on the current line of life. But the fact that you can't change the scenario in the space.

You can only select other. Read more

Конспект книги: Ayn Rand — Атлант расправил плечи (Том 2)

People, keeping respect for yourself, will not allow you to turn yourself into a cash cow

Dagny Taggart

Dagny: – What will you do when you make a discovery, scientific interest or of great commercial value? Will provide it to public use?
Don't know. I think not.
– Do you want to serve humanity?
– I have these words do not drink, miss Taggart. Read more

Конспект книги: Boris Berezovsky — Как заработать большие деньги

5353354Why do I bother confiding?

I'm an old man that has achieved in life everything what can only dream of. My money, I can not live the rest of my days, and, given the modesty of my needs — and for many lives to live.

I am no longer interested in making money. Being a Jew, I, with the exception of Read more

Конспект книги: Vadim Zeland — «Трансерфинг реальности» Ступень 2 — Шелест утренних звезд

432543535Another typical mistake made by many people is the desire to achieve everything at once. If you have set a lot of goals, nothing to each other are not connected, then the whole mental energy is useless is sprayed into the void. The course options will allow you to paddle at the same time in different directions.

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a summary of the book: Erwin Schrodinger — What is life from the point of view of physics

3454534354Chapter I. the classical physics Approach to the subject

The most essential part of a living cell — the chromosome thread — can be called an aperiodic crystal. In physics, we still have dealt only with periodic crystals. It is therefore not very surprising that the organic chemist has already made large and important contribution to the resolution of the problem of life, at that time Read more

Конспект книги: Ayn Rand — Атлант расправил плечи (Том 3)

In a world where the mind is declared to be a fiction, which recognizes moral right to rule by brute force to oppress the knowledge in the interests of ignorance, to sacrifice the best for the worst – in such a world, the best must stand against society and become his mortal enemy. In such a world John Galt, the man of boundless intellectual power, will remain a labourer, Francisco D’Ancona, the Wonderworker of wealth, will be MOT, and Ragnar of Daneshill, educator, become a pirate.

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