a summary of the book: Mikhail Khazin, Andrei Kobyakov — the decline of the Empire dollar and the end of Pax Americana

32332What is the reason for the economic crisis?

the Main feature of this policy, which actually was the cause of the future crisis was the combination of the GKO market and the currency corridor. Recall that the market for government securities with a guaranteed (as at the time it seemed) yield gave the highest profit in the country. No other market in Russia is not provided such a high rate of return. Read more

a summary of the book: Yegor Gaidar — the fall of the Empire

423432342As the Soviet Union collapsed?

the reasons for the collapse of the Soviet Union:

The dependence of the Soviet economy from the export of oil led the country to crisis, when oil prices on the world market fell.

due to the low efficiency of agriculture in the USSR had to import grain through external loans.

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Конспект книги: Alberto Alesina — Либерализм-левая идея

345435435434Introduction. Liberalism is often perceived as the right political and economic thinking, and government control of the markets, regulatory and hampered their work for various social goals, by contrast, looks to the left idea. As for Italy today, such views are deeply flawed.

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a summary of the book: Max Weber — the Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism

65436536543Religion and social stratification

When reviewing the professional statistics of any country of mixed religious composition of the population consistently draws attention to the predominance of Protestants among the owners of capital and entrepreneurs, as well as among the higher skilled segments of the working, first Read more

Конспект книги: Anderson Benedict — Воображаемые сообщества

5345353441. Introduction

a Nation is an imagined political community; imagine it as inevitable limitations, however, is sovereign. It is imagined because the members of any nation will never know most of their fellow nation, while in the mind of each there is an image of their community.

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a summary of the book: Dan Ariely — Behavioral Economics

323243234234Chapter 1. The truth about relativity

People rarely make their choice, guided by absolute categories. Within us is no built-in tool that measures the absolute value of a thing. We focus on the advantages of one option over the other and according to them, compare the value of each of the options.

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a summary of the book: Benoit Mandelbrot — Unruly markets the fractal revolution in Finance

34254534Chapter 1. Risk, ruin, and reward

The stock price is unpredictable in a practical sense. My research will help people not lose their money as a result of underestimating risk of financial collapse. And I hope that readers of this book, regardless of whether they agree with my statements or not, refuse, at least for a short time, from meticulous questions of why in relation to Read more

a summary of the book: James Scott — the Good intentions of the state

34543534Chapter 1. Nature and space

State and scientific forestry. always give the most important interests of those who use them. In fact, a utilitarian argument, the term "nature" replaced the term "natural resources", it focuses only on those aspects of nature which can be adjusted for human use. In Read more

Конспект книги: Alexander Auzan — Экономика всего. Как институты определяют нашу жизнь

3423423442Chapter 1. People

Man vs Homoeconomicus. When we hear: "This is in the best interests of the company" — have only slightly scratched a finger on and understand, whose interests have in mind? This can be the interests of top managers, interests of shareholders, interests of some groups of workers, the interests of the owner of a controlling stake or, on the contrary, the minority shareholders. The Read more

a summary of the book: Milton Friedman — the Freedom to choose

4324423342Chapter 1. The power of the market

no society operates entirely on the command principle, and similarly none of them relies solely on voluntary cooperation. The big difference lies in what this combination: is the voluntary exchange initially illegal activity that thrives because of the inflexibility Read more

A summary of the book: Muhammad Yunus, Alan Joly — Creating a world without poverty social business and the future of capitalism

643655564Muhammad Yunus. The birth of a "banker of the poor"

Muhammad Yunus was born in Bangladesh in 1940. Having received a Western education and becoming a doctor of economic science, but in 1974 returned to Bangladesh, achieved by the time of independence to participate in the development of the young state. Some time M. Yunus was teaching economic Read more

Конспект книги: Michael Lewis — Бумеранг

6765756Why Icelanders set fire to their cars

Recent years, Icelanders carried away one dangerous speculation. As the local interest rate was 15.5% and the Krone exchange rate rose, they came up with a clever thing: wanting to make a purchase, which they could not afford, they borrowed money not in crowns and in yen and Swiss francs. They took out a loan in yen at 3% per annum and tore a large jackpot on trading currencies, because the crown Read more