a summary of the book: Clayton Christensen — life Strategy

The way we allocated our own resources — our time, abilities, and power — defines the actual strategy of our lives. From time to time existing strategy quite accurately matches our intentions. But most often what we ultimately come, much different from what we originally were going to do. Read more

A summary of the book: V. — Manager of the Mafia

432432432432432Do business with strangers as if they were your brothers and with brothers as if they are strangers.

The most important thing in your business relationship is a reputation based on honesty.

Gold from someone who has more power and who sets the rules.

Do not go into other people's business, but pay attention to success. If your neighbor gets up early, get up even earlier.

Never give advice to partners, if that is your case there is no benefit. Read more

A summary of the book: Carol Dwek — a Flexible consciousness. A new look at the developmental adults and children

554543543the Truth about abilities and achievements

To see how more clearly to imagine Thomas Edison. Think about where he might be and what they do. He's alone? When I asked these questions to people, they always answered me something like:

"Edison in his workshop. Around him some Read more

a summary of the book: Gary Hamel — the Manifesto of a leader

323242524About the danger of success

To become a successful innovator, you should be skeptical of truths that the rest take for granted. In any industry, over time, mental models of different organizations closer together. Executives read the same magazines, visit the same conferences, working with the same consultants.

Read more

A summary of the book: Daniel Golman — Emotional leadership

34242432Chapter 1. Emotional leadership

When leaders evoke a positive emotion, they reveal them the best. We call this effect resonance, And Vice versa, when they cause negative reactions that trigger dissonance, undermining the emotional foundations that underpin the goodwill of the team.

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a summary of the book: Roman Kalugin — the Laws of prominent people

543543543Learn how to determine the cause of events in your life

In your life nothing happens without a reason. If you get sick, married, had a lovely day, or made a new friend, on some level, each event stood some reason, had some excuse. As example, let us take the law of sowing and Read more

a summary of the book: Marty lanie — the Advantages introverts

54352345342In fact, the introvert — type of temperament. It's not that the shyness or reticence. And not a pathology. In addition, it is the quality of the personality cannot be changed, even if very much want. But you can learn to work with him and not against him.

The main thing that distinguishes introverts from extroverts — energy source: introverts find it in your inner world of ideas, emotions Read more

A summary of the book: Practical advice from Frank A. COWPERWOOD (based on the novel "Titan" by T. Dreiser)

43253425423641) Find your Chicago

Often, the periphery regions are undervalued from the point of view of business opportunities that they may present for business and financial transactions. In relation to our country is, first and foremost, city-thousanders, where the business is represented mainly by businessmen in the markets and shopping arcades, and investments — Bank deposits.

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Конспект книги: sun Tzu — Искусство войны

56476565454Primary goal should be the subordination of other States without resorting to military conflict, i.e., the ideal of complete victory.

the Basic principle is the following: «Go ahead where not expect it; attack where not prepared.

The war is based on deception. So, if you can do something, show the enemy, if can't; if you enjoy something, Read more