a summary of the book: Alan Schoonmaker — Your best poker friend

…at the poker table you — you are your own worst enemy.

…stupid hoping that continuing to think and play the old way, they will be able to achieve the best results.

…because of poker — it's a game of incomplete information, information management is a critical skill If you efficiently work with the information, then you will win.

don't sit and wait for knowledge to come to you themselves play an active role in their own development.

…at a distance babbity more favorable for the player who receives them.

Will make every effort to see the real situation, and not what you hope, what to expect or what to fear.

Without the help of a coach you will not be able to learn certain things, and other things you will learn slower. Read more

A summary of the book: V. — Manager of the Mafia

432432432432432Do business with strangers as if they were your brothers and with brothers as if they are strangers.

The most important thing in your business relationship is a reputation based on honesty.

Gold from someone who has more power and who sets the rules.

Do not go into other people's business, but pay attention to success. If your neighbor gets up early, get up even earlier.

Never give advice to partners, if that is your case there is no benefit. Read more

a summary of the book: Gennady Balashov — the Monarchy of entrepreneur. How to become a king?

r54354534In the world is brewing a revolution of social business that we can observe today in social networks. Getting rid of the loneliness and poverty, people come together in groups and talk about money.

It is from these tenets is a three-headed deity of social networks, MONEY, PROFIT and REPUTATION. Think about where the money is and how to earn them, offer profitable services or products, be beneficial for consumers and build your reputation. Read more

a summary of the book: Gennady Balashov — How to be an adventurer? Reflections of a millionaire

3231321321312To have your own Hollywood script, you need a wild imagination and constant action for its implementation. The human imagination is the only advantage the money, resources and power.

The imagination is a talent that allows you to equate yourself with the money.

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a summary of the book: Bruce Tulga — Be the boss — that's fine

54354553534Why do managers not manage involved?

1 the Myth of empowerment: "the best people are when they are left alone and allow to govern themselves independently." Almost all work better if a more experienced staff member helps them, gives advice and supports.

Myth 2 about impartiality: "to Be impartial – hence the same Read more

a summary of the book: Collin Moshman — the Strategy for the CIS

543534534The more chips you have, the less expensive each of them. Similarly, the less chips you have, the more each is worth.

No player can know as his own and someone else's share in a particular tournament.

You have the opportunity to realize your advantage on the course because of the natural fluctuations of the game (good luck) prevent Read more

a summary of the book: Danielle Laporte — get a fire going! Sincere advice for those who are looking for your way


You probably brilliantly cope with many tasks: find the best prices on tickets, know how to cook a Turkey, sort digital photos by folder, good command of Spanish to ask for directions in Oaxaca. You know how Read more

A summary of the book: Eliyahu Goldratt — a Syndrome haystack

Eliyahu_Goldratt1. Data, information and decision-making process – how they relate

We're all drowning in oceans of data, but very rarely can obtain the necessary information. To start to define what we mean by the words data and information. Data is any string of characters describing what Read more

A summary of the book: Frank Shostak — the Economic cycle Analysis of the Austrian school

44543543Frank Shostak. Where we are and where we're headed

Defining role in whether the United States will experience a noticeable economic recovery is not of the aggressive reduction in the Federal reserve interest rates, and the answer to the question of increasing real resource Fund.

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