A summary of the book: Smith Manuel — the Training of self-confidence

Trening_uverennosti_v_sebe._Kompleks_uprazhnenij_dlya_razvitiya_uverennostiLife confronts us all with challenges and it is quite normal. It's not the failure, but the failure adequately to resolve them.

The fact that we will have problems in life — it is natural; but it is equally natural that we are all able to solve them.

All my experience and observing thousands of other people that I have encountered in my life, allowed me to come to the conclusion that we will have problems in life — it is natural; but it is equally natural that we are all able to solve them. Read more

A summary of the book: Ksenia Abulkhanova — life Strategy

The fact that the reality that the conditions of life, life situation, which is presented to him their demands, put limits, does not mean that he, in turn, may bring their claims to life.

Personal life, according to Rubenstein, "it's the richest, most concrete, comprising as a single variety and a hierarchy of increasingly abstract relationships… personal life acts like life, including the public, but not only him, but also a cognitive attitude to life and aesthetic attitude to life, and the attitude of the other person as a human being, as an assertion of its existence". Read more

a summary of the book: Clayton Christensen — life Strategy

The way we allocated our own resources — our time, abilities, and power — defines the actual strategy of our lives. From time to time existing strategy quite accurately matches our intentions. But most often what we ultimately come, much different from what we originally were going to do. Read more

a summary of the book: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi — Evolution of personality

e467cb53d8ac31e4800e7c6418f76129Some activities more than others are able to cause a flood, because:

1) they have specific objectives and clear rules;

2) they allow us to bring our capacity in line with existing tasks;

3) they clearly indicate how well we are progressing; Read more

Конспект книги: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi — В поисках потока. Psychology включенности в повседневность

45897Is actually proves the opposite: if we fail to manage your life yourself, it will manage other external forces and someone will use it for their own purposes.

Don't need to wait that someone will help us live; we must learn to do it yourself.

if you turn the saying of Pascal, it appears that when in doubt it is best to assume that these seventy years is our only chance to learn of the universe and we should use this chance to the fullest. If we do not, we may lose all; if we're wrong and after death there is life, we do not lose anything. Read more

book Synopsis: Osho — Intimacy. Trust in yourself and another

Blizost._Doverie_k_sebe_i_k_lyudyamTo reach more important is the willingness to reveal our deepest feelings and vulnerabilities to trust that the other person will treat them with care. Ultimately, the willingness to take the risk of proximity needs to be rooted in an inner strength that knows that even if the other person will remain closed, even if the trust is betrayed, we will not tolerate any permanent damage. Read more

a summary of the book: Alexander elder — the basics of stock trading

1419347456_osnovy-birzhevojj-torgovli.-uchebnoeThe players lose because the game itself is quite heavy, and from ignorance or because of indiscipline.

the Immediate pleasure of food means more to her than future pleasure from improved health and reduced weight. My friend's wife reminds me of many punters who say they are committed to success, and do continue to conduct the operations obeying a momentary impulse , seeking short-term pleasure from the excitement of participation in the game. Read more

a summary of the book: Alan Schoonmaker — Your best poker friend

…at the poker table you — you are your own worst enemy.

…stupid hoping that continuing to think and play the old way, they will be able to achieve the best results.

…because of poker — it's a game of incomplete information, information management is a critical skill If you efficiently work with the information, then you will win.

don't sit and wait for knowledge to come to you themselves play an active role in their own development.

…at a distance babbity more favorable for the player who receives them.

Will make every effort to see the real situation, and not what you hope, what to expect or what to fear.

Without the help of a coach you will not be able to learn certain things, and other things you will learn slower. Read more

A summary of the book: V. — Manager of the Mafia

432432432432432Do business with strangers as if they were your brothers and with brothers as if they are strangers.

The most important thing in your business relationship is a reputation based on honesty.

Gold from someone who has more power and who sets the rules.

Do not go into other people's business, but pay attention to success. If your neighbor gets up early, get up even earlier.

Never give advice to partners, if that is your case there is no benefit. Read more

a summary of the book: Vadim Zeland — "Transerfing reality" Tier 5 — Apples fall to the sky

433543543543Mirror principles:

  1. The world is like a mirror, reflects your attitude.
    2. A reflection is formed in the unity of soul and mind.
    3. The dual mirror reacts with a delay.
    4. The mirror says the content of the attitude, ignoring its orientation.
    5. Think not about what you do not want, but about what you aspire to achieve.
    6. To release its grip and allow the world to move adrift alternatives.
    7. Any reflection to be perceived as positive. By managing your mind, you control reality

Read more

a summary of the book: Vadim Zeland — "Transerfing reality" Tier 4 — Management of reality

321321321The relationship of man with the surrounding world develop in such a way that any novelty inevitably spills over into everyday life.

the Purpose and meaning of life of any beings consists in control of reality.

Boredom, as such, does not exist – is only constant and unquenchable thirst to control a reality.

Estimates based on the comparison, generate polarization. Read more