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Hello to everyone and everyone who came to our blog!

Who are we?

Our names are Stas and Anya. We are a family from Omsk and perhaps more than anything we love to travel. And also - to inspire people to travel. Here we will NOT tell you that at one point they gave up a hated job and bought a one-way ticket. Everything happened smoothly and gradually with us, without sharp jerks and sharp turns. Our story is a little different - we hope someone will inspire changes in life :)

Riding the train in Myanmar

How it all began

By the time we graduated, we realized that we did not want to devote our lives to the profession, which took 5 years to learn. Yes, it happens ... at the age of 18, when I entered, I had no idea what I wanted to do in life, and went to engineers.

At the time of writing the diploma, “accidentally” came across in LiveJournal the reports of a guy who hitchhiked and dragged me in. It was decided - immediately after graduation we go hitchhiking to Lake Baikal, especially since there was plenty of time.

On Baikal

This trip inspired us even more, and after working in our specialty for about a year and hitchhiking in the summer in Crimea (before all the famous events), we began to think about what we really want to do, how to travel the world more often and devote more time to each other and family . So this blog came about, it was Anina's idea. So we began to dream more, to transfer these dreams into real tasks and implement our plans.

What happened next?

In the spring of 2013 there was a cool trip to China with friends as a big company - this is the first truly overseas trip, because Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine are not considered :)

On the greats somewhere near the town of Yangshuo, China

We spent some time at home, exploring freelance and investing time and energy on a blog, and then flew to Thailand for the winter, but because of the sharp depreciation of the ruble, we were forced to return in January - it was fun! But the next winter was spent in Asia, for a total of about 7 months, and several countries: Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China.

Khao Lak, Thailand

Now we live in travel mode in different countries (mainly Southeast Asia), then we return home and make short trips to various interesting places, continuing to work remotely.

A list of all visited countries can be found on this page . In each country, you can find not only our impressions, but also useful information about how to move, where to live, where to go, what to eat, what to do, how much money to bring with you, and so on.

We meet the dawn near the volcano Bromo, Java, Indonesia

Corundi Lakes, Svaneti, Georgia

How do we make a living and travel?

The income is brought to us by remote work on freelance and this blog. In an amazing time we live: you can work from anywhere in the world. Both Anya and I are currently working on promoting our clients on social networks, Anya has been involved in design for some time, and I’ve been optimizing sites for search. We don’t have any apartments that could be rented out, and we don’t have a business (but for now).

Penang Island, Mazasia

Khao Lak, Thailand

We usually carry out our trips on a budget: we catch cheap air tickets at sales, move around with cheap local transport and sometimes hitchhiker, eat at local establishments, spend the night in inexpensive hostels or at local residents. Planning your trip is now easier than ever:

List of useful links for planning an independent trip

How to find cheap flights?

70 travel booking sites

Even more useful materials can be found in our special section .

If we come to a country for a long time, then we rent an apartment or a house, it turns out cheaper and much more comfortable. An overview of typical housing can be found in this post .

Surprisingly, we spend almost as much on life in Thailand as at home in Omsk. Read our budget for living in Chiang Mai and Samui and compare with your spending in Russia. Add to this the warmth, sea, fruits, relaxed atmosphere and get even more motivation :-)

So, gradually, we began to live the life we ​​dreamed about. What we wish for you too!

We use it ourselves and recommend it to friends:

best sites for travelers

✓Travelata.ru - search for the most profitable tours among 120 reliable tour operators.
✓Aviasales.ru - search and comparison of airfare prices among 100 agencies and 728 airlines.
✓Hotellook.ru - a search engine for hotels around the world. Compares prices across many reservation systems, finding the best.
✓Airbnb.ru is the most popular rental service from the owners in the world (this often comes out more convenient and cheaper than the hotel). Follow this link and receive a gift for the first reservation - $ 25.
✓ Compare.ru - online travel insurance, including for a visa.
✓ Kiwitaxi.ru - an international service for booking car transfers. 70 countries and 400 airports.

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  1. Good afternoon! Did not find subscription to news or RSS - Poorly searched or haven’t done yet? I'm just not a member of social networks. Regards, Alexey

    Stas Reply:

    Alex, good afternoon! There was once RSS removed.

  2. Hello Stas and Anya! We fly to Jordan (Aqaba) via Milan. Tell me, do we need a Schengen visa for a transfer in Milan? Airlines are different, there is no luggage only hand luggage

    Stas Reply:

    Oyuna, good afternoon! There is a transit zone at the airport of Milan, so you do not need to go through passport control, you do not need a visa. The fact that there is no luggage is a big plus.
    The only thing that theoretically when you fly out of Moscow and on the way back from Aqaba may ask for a Schengen visa.

  3. Good afternoon, Stas and Anya! We are going to Morocco with children. Tell me, is this a safe country for independent travelers?

    Stas Reply:

    Elena, Morocco is a completely safe country. The main thing is to adhere to basic safety rules, as elsewhere.
    We did not have any cases of unpleasant. Although in Casablanca the black-skinned young guys loitering at intersections, in the dark it is not very pleasant to walk there, they look suspiciously. In Medina Fez in the dark you can get lost corny, so there is a complicated system of alleys, but GPS is always there to help :)

  4. Stas and Anya, hello! Going with a friend in Morocco. We plan to leave Marrakesh immediately to Oualidia, we travel by bus, we have encountered a problem: if the transfer from Marrakesh to Safi is shown, then from Safi to Ualidia we offer to take a taxi for 70 euros, but there is nothing about local buses and their price tag. We also thought to call in Essaouira and further to Oualidia, but did not find a direct and budget route. I will be very grateful for the help)

    Stas Reply:

    Anya, hi! And what if you go first from Marrakech to Essaouira, there are a lot of buses, and then from Essaouira to Oulidia, there is one bus. Sent at 15:15, and on the spot at 18:10. It costs 75 dirhams.

    And from Safi there is a bus to Ualidia, leaves at 17:30, on the spot at 18:10 - so this is the same! 20 dirhams from Safi (less than 2 euros).
    This is all CTM bus company. Just one bass, preferably a day or two to buy a ticket.

  5. Guys, thanks for the detailed and very useful information.

  6. I look at you and I think everything in life can be changed, the place of life, work, creativity ... and many whine and whine ...

  7. Stas and Anya, hello! The second time we are trying to get to Georgia on our own. But we do not have much time, only 4 days for everything, from 09/09/12/05. Direct flights are very expensive, as an option you can by plane in the evening of 05/08/19 Moscow-Gyumri, and from there to Tbilisi by train at night. The reverse option is also likely, 11.05. Tbilisi-Gyumri and 12.05 Gyumri-Moscow. While this option is the cheapest. So here is what you can visit. For these days in Georgia? What route to plan to see the country as much as possible? Maybe tell me other ideas for the transfer of Moscow-Georgia-Moscow. As an option, the search engine still offers Yerevan. But three days to Yerevan and Georgia is not enough.

    Stas Reply:

    Eugene, hello! Yes, the normal version with Gyumri, the more it fits well with the train.
    As an option: there is a Ural Airlines flight from Moscow to Tbilisi on May 8 at 17:25 (change at Adler at night), on the morning of May 9 at 09:20 you are in Tbilisi. It costs 6750 rubles. But with the return flight ... everything is expensive, and comes out at a price about the same as through Gyumri.
    Three days out. I would do May 9 - Tbilisi (maybe you’ll have time in Mtskheta, it’s nearby), May 10 — I would go to Kazbegi all day on the Georgian military road, because this is the only full day (it can be cool in the mountains!), May 11 - Sighnaghi (a pretty town, you can see the monasteries nearby, well, the Alazani Valley, though there will be no fresh wine :)). Maybe you want Borjomi instead of Sighnaghi, but it’s a little longer and harder to get there.

  8. Hello! Please tell me, if after booking the transfer of Suvarnabhumi-Ko Chang circumstances change, and I can’t go, the agency faces a 100% penalty. And how will they fine me if the bus was not paid in advance? Thanks.

    Stas Reply:

    Tatyana, in theory, if you didn’t leave your card details, then they won’t be able to charge you a fine. Plus, you can read the contract, what are the conditions for the return.

  9. Hello, Anya and Stas!
    We saw your site and hung for a long time. My wife and I are old travelers, for many years we were engaged in sports tourism, now we are inclined to relaxed walks. I liked your description of Svaneti. Question: how do Georgian tourists relate to Russian tourists after the well-known events of 2008? I would be grateful for the reply to the email.

    Stas Reply:

    Yuri, the attitude towards Russian tourists is very friendly, I feel even better than other foreigners (not from the former USSR). Once we even hitchhiked with a peasant in the city of Gori (and there are still holes in the walls of Russian guns in some places since 2008), he spoke sadly about those events, but without aggression, without blaming us for anything

  10. Ačiū už saitą, perskaičiau viską, labai labai įdomu, šaunuoliai Jūs. Dar praver info po Kazakstaną, kadangi ruošiuosi šią vasarą keliauti. SĖKMĖS JUMS ANIA IR STAS.
    Rima from Lithuaniai

  11. To visit Armenia again. Since I apologize, I just noticed that you were already in our country. I looked enough, but there is definitely something else to see.

    Stas Reply:

    Tatevik, we will definitely return to Armenia, this is a matter of time :)

  12. Dear Stas and Anya, well done. I’ll be glad to see you in ARMENIA as well)) You will definitely like it !!!!

  13. Thanks for the site !!
    Very interesting.
    On site optimization can I consult?

  14. Thank you so much for posting about Iran. A bunch of useful information. Good luck to you guys !!

  15. Is it possible that you can make money on your work on the Internet? I also envy you with white envy!

  16. Good afternoon! I have a couple of questions for you in Myanmar, tell me, is it possible to contact you via watsapp, viber or VK?

    Stas Reply:

    Tatyana, good afternoon! Write to me in VK

  17. Well done guys, I envy you. I would also love to travel, but finances do not allow. I wonder where you make money on such trips.

  18. You guys are great fellows! Good luck!

    Stas Reply:

    Anastasia, thank you very much :)

  19. Hello!
    Do you want to visit Iraq? I am looking for travel companions in Iraqi Kurdistan.

    Stas Reply:

    Hi, Nikolai! While there is no Iraqi Kurdistan)) In that region, I somehow look more at Pakistan. And just for the opportunity to travel through Iran-Pakistan and get to India.

  20. For a trip to Georgia, I saved all your links. Thanks for all the tips, what to see, where and what to eat and how to get there cheaply! Excellent!

    Stas Reply:

    Inessa, please! Have an interesting trip :)

  21. The Universe sent us your blog before going to Myanmar! Thank you so much for the work! You have done all the work for us! ))) Before, we ourselves were blissed out by preparing for trips and also sorted everything by the bones, but with the advent of the child, time was noticeably reduced! You are our lifesaver, thank you again! )))))

    Stas Reply:

    Lyudmila, thank you very much, very nice! Myanmar is personally one of my favorite countries and it was interesting to collect and summarize information about traveling through it :)

  22. Such cheerful faces) Super! Well done.

  23. Hi guys! I stumbled upon your blog by accident, now I will be your regular reader. Sun to you and constant creativity.

    Stas Reply:

    Ilona, ​​hi! Thank you, it’s not by chance))

  24. My name is Fakhri, Tuesday, March 8th, 2016, we had met at the palace of Yogyakarta, do you still remember me?
    I am very pleased to meet with you, this is my blog so you are my inspiration for the traveling. Thank you very much for the information that you provide to me. I hope we can be friends.

  25. Will you travel to India, we will be glad to meet you;) India is included in your plans? =)

    Stas Reply:

    Hello! Thanks for the invitation) we are not planning this year, maybe next spring. And where exactly do you live?

  26. Stas and Anya, hello! If you want, then I invite you to visit Germany. The city of Neustrelitz, near Berlin. Travel program can be created according to your desire. There is an opportunity to visit Poland, get acquainted with the cuisines of the peoples of the world (German, Greek, Chinese, Polish, Arabic). For accommodation, I will provide a 2 bedroom apartment with all amenities - 30 Euro / day. Actually, this offer is relevant for all your relatives or friends. Irina

  27. I’ve been in the Czech Republic for 3.5 years, and I really like that Europe is all right from here. Traveling from Omsk has always been very difficult: you just needed a bag of money, here you can travel a lot and budget, and this is very nice :))

  28. Very interesting site! I was glad to meet fellow countrymen on the Internet. I wish you even more interesting trips and stories about them!

    Stas Reply:

    Ksenia, how small Omsk and the Internet are! We are also glad to see you) How is life in the Czech Republic?)

  29. I am very glad that I wandered into your site! A lot of useful travel information that our family is also passionate about. We live in the foothills of Altai, when with the means of tension, we drive along the Altai Mountains. If we can afford it, we go abroad. We also prefer independent trips, rather than trips.

    Stas Reply:

    Natalya, thank you very much! Altai - my love since childhood) I looked at many places and I hope I will see it again. And more independent travelers!

  30. Thank you wonderful blog! the spirit of wandering and joy lives in every moment!

    Stas Reply:

    Olesya, thank you) ahead is even more interesting!

  31. Of course, let's.))) There should be a lot of people from Omsk!)))

  32. Hello fellow countrymen! We are now in Omsk, Anya is completing her studies at the university ... but the goals and plans are a wagon and a small cart)) Let's be friends for something)

  33. Stas and Anya, Hello !!! I was so glad when I came across your blog. I’m also Omsk and we travel too .... How cool !!!! Where are you now?

  34. Well done, to change something you need to do just one step and you did it, good luck to you !!!

    Stas Reply:

    Thanks guys!) We will grow higher and move on!

  35. Well done boys! So creative! May the spirit of this freedom not leave you! Good luck in traveling and stop by on a visit)) Tai

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