Resorts of Montenegro: a detailed overview

In this post we will talk about the resorts of Montenegro, I will tell you the main features, the pros and cons of the main places to stay.

Montenegro is a country very popular among Russian tourists, and this is understandable: a visa-free regime, magnificent nature, the cleanest Adriatic Sea and many cozy beaches make Montenegro a beach holiday for many.

One of the most famous resorts in the country - Sveti Stefan

Gathered in one place all the useful information you need to know about holidays in Montenegro

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Montenegro resorts with sandy beaches

In Montenegro there are very few exactly completely sandy beaches, mostly sandy and pebble ones, but you can still find it. Even if the beach is sandy, you should not expect fine flour from it, as in the Maldives or the Philippines :) Here are the main ones:


This colorful city is located in the south of the country and the atmosphere is more reminiscent of neighboring Albania, especially mosque minarets and the local population. The urban sandy beach is small (only 600 meters), and in the high season it is very crowded. From interesting places you can see the Old Town and stroll along the noisy streets, have coffee with the locals :)


Small beach in Ulcinj

You can drive a little south to the Great Beach - it is more than 12 kilometers of black (gray) sand with a gentle entry into the sea. Accordingly, it will be comfortable to relax with children here. On the beach there are free showers and changing cabins, many opportunities for outdoor activities. And on the island of Ada Boyana is a popular nudist beach, also sandy. Here you can do kitesurfing, windsurfing, ride a horse, and indeed join in mother nature.

Great beach

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Good Water

A small village between Bar and Ulcinj, the central beach of which is covered with small pebbles mixed with sand. In fact, there are a lot of people here in the season, so it’s not quite clean, and I recommend coming to Dobra Voda in September, when the main flow of tourists will subside.

The entrance to the water is pebble, which not everyone will like either. But here is a good selection of budget hotels and far from major cities.


The large port city boasts a variety of beaches, although for the most part they are pebble. The sandy beach is located near the port, and therefore the water there is dirty.

In the Bar, you should see the Old Town (a few kilometers from the modern one), the most beautiful Orthodox cathedral and take a walk along the spacious promenade.


In the vicinity of Bar is the Red Beach (Crvena Plazha) , with unique red sand - this is a cozy small bay with clear water, one of the best places to relax in the Bar area.

Crvena Plaza


Pretty quiet place with a sandy beach and small pebbles and clear water. The beach is wide and long, divided into zones, it is paid and free. There are showers, changing cabins for cafes, restaurants - in general, everything for a comfortable stay. Although, the infrastructure here is not as developed as in the larger resorts of Montenegro.


You can take a boat trip to the beach Kralzhichina - a very picturesque place with a great sea, deep and comfortable entry into the water, this is one of the best beaches in Montenegro, but you can only get from the water.


The coastal strip in this village is considered one of the best in Montenegro - a transparent sea, a variety of beaches from sandy to pebble, well-developed infrastructure, and at the same time it is calmer than in the same Budva. Although in the midst of the season, the people, of course, are enough. And about the rest in Montenegro in October - there is a separate post.


There is a gentle entrance to the sea, which is good for families with children. There are changing cabins, you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas. I advise you to go through the tunnel to the Kamenevo beach - it is pebble (as the name implies), but with incredibly clear water.

By the way, from Budva to Rafailovici you can walk along the picturesque promenade.


The main and most famous resort of Montenegro can offer a choice of several different beaches, including sandy ones. On the central (Slovenian) beach there are areas with sand, but still it is more pebble, and it is very overloaded with holidaymakers in season.

Mogren Beach 1

Pay attention to the beaches of Mogren-1 and Mogren-2 , which can be reached on foot along the beautiful path along the cliffs. They are covered with coarse sand, have a convenient entrance to the sea with small pebbles, small waves - there are many vacationers with children. At the end of the season in September is the best time when there are fewer people.

Another sandy beach near Budva is Jaz , as well as Becici .

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Resort Becici


Radovici is located on the Lustica peninsula surrounded by beautiful nature, the most famous beach here is Plavi Horizonti - according to many, the cleanest beach in Montenegro.

Horizonti Float

Here a gentle entry into the water, sand, pine trees grow around, so that the air is saturated with aromas of pine needles. Resting a lot of families with children.

In some resorts of Montenegro you can find separate sections with sand, but they are very small.

Montenegro resorts on the sea with pebble beaches

Nevertheless, in Montenegro there are more resorts with pebble beaches than with sandy ones. Here are the main ones:


If you like a budget vacation, and at the same time you are ready for some minuses in the form of a large number of people and not a crystal clear sea, then this option is quite suitable. Sutomore also has a good location in the center of the coast - you can go both towards Budva, and towards Bar and Ulcinj.


There are not many attractions, an ordinary resort village, but there is everything you need for relaxation: there are many inexpensive places to stay, cafes with different cuisines, shops, excursions.


A fairly large resort village by local standards with a developed infrastructure. The beach here is pebble, you can either rent sunbeds and an umbrella, or come with your own mat (but there is not enough space). Petrovac is quite popular with tourists, so there are a lot of people in the season with all the disadvantages arising from this.

Sea resorts of Montenegro - Petrovac

Follow the “road” from Petrovac to Rezhevichi, which is here called the health path. I also recommend visiting the beach of Lucice , it is much better than the city beach.

Farther is Bulyaritsa beach , which is suitable for a relaxing holiday (especially in the velvet season). But the infrastructure here is poorly developed.

Sveti Stefan

A business card of Montenegro, and a town with postcards! Sveti Stefan is famous for its island, on which an expensive hotel is located and access to it is forbidden to everyone except guests. But in the town itself there is a public pebble beach overlooking the island. Sun loungers and umbrellas are expensive here, but no one forbids you to come with your own towel (though the pebbles are large).

Beach in Sveti Stefan

I recommend to go down the path to the village of Pržno past the Milocer beach - they are one of the most picturesque places in Montenegro! A walk takes half an hour one way. Another good place nearby is the Praskvitsa Monastery, one of the oldest in the country.

Milocer Beach


In Budva there are several more beaches, except those sandy, about which I wrote in the first part. The most famous of them is the central Slovenian beach. In some places it is pebble, in some it is mixed. But at any time there are plenty of vacationers, for this many people do not like Budva.

Beach in Budva

But there is a lot of entertainment for every taste, a huge selection of excursions and good transport accessibility - close to the airport and you can go to almost all places on the coast, and some in the central part of the country.


Perhaps the most romantic resort in Montenegro, which is more suitable for a relaxing vacation. There are almost no beaches in the city itself, and even those are a couple of tens of meters long (or just concrete pontoons). In general, a beach vacation in Kotor Bay is very specific, but the surrounding beauty more than covers all the disadvantages.

In Kotor, it is imperative to walk around the Old Town with its cathedrals and narrow streets, as well as cozy houses in which cafes, restaurants, shops and hotels are located. It’s also worth it to climb the fortress on the mountain (there is a paid way for 8 euros, there is also a free bypass) - from there you can see an amazing view of the bay and the city below.

In Kotor there is also a port where luxury yachts and huge liners moor - this is also a peculiar “feature” of this place.

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Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is called the botanical garden of Montenegro, and here it is really green and breathes very easily. The city stretched along the Bay of Kotor on the slopes of the mountains, which gives it a special charm. Figs, pomegranates, kiwi, olives ... we found all the gifts of autumn, here they are just on the streets at every turn.

Herceg Novi

The central beach of the city

Nearby is the village of Igalo with a well-known health complex, and from it to Herce-Novi and further you can walk along the promenade along the sea - a great walk! The beaches in Herceg Novi are mostly pebble, and the water is clear.

Very close to the border with Croatia, and from here it is convenient to make a trip to Dubrovnik, for example.

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Ski resorts of Montenegro

I’ll tell you a little about the ski resorts in Montenegro, because even in winter tourists come here, only now to go skiing or snowboarding.

There are two ski resorts in the country: Kolasin and Zabljak. In general, prices here are lower than in more well-developed European destinations.

Kolasin is very conveniently located, it is easy to get here by bus, train (from Bar or Belgrade), or on your own / rented car from anywhere. The city is located next to the Biogradska Gora National Park, and the slopes here are without rocks, which is suitable for beginner skiers, and here the climate is mild, and there is almost no wind due to its location in a pit.

The length of the tracks is 15 kilometers, three lifts (two chairlifts and one for children).

Zabljak is located next to the Durmitor National Park , which is famous for its extraordinary beauty. Rest here is suitable for both beginners and professionals, and the infrastructure is very well developed. You can get there by bus from Podgorica.

Ski resort Zabljak

Mount Savin Kuk is more suitable for experienced skiers and snowboarders (length 3.5 km and as many as 8 lifts), and Yavorovich - for beginners (800 meters, three lifts).

Of course, this is not all the resorts of Montenegro, but only the most basic and popular. There are many more small villages both on the Adriatic coast and in the Bay of Kotor.

Map of Montenegro with resorts in Russian

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