Hotelluk - how to book a hotel on your own

One of the components of a successful trip is undoubtedly the right choice of accommodation, and today we will tell you how to book a hotel on your own and how to find the most suitable option at an affordable price.

Where is better to book hotels? We mainly use the service Hotelluk (hotellook.ru) , today we want to tell you about the principles of its work and share instructions on how to book a hotel cheaply and quickly!

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Why do we use Hotelluk?

  • This is a hotel aggregator, that is, it collects data on the 70 most popular booking agencies (such as Booking, Agoda, Hotels, Ostrovok, Hrs and many others) in one place. Let me remind you that different services may have different prices for the same hotels, since everyone has a different commission, special offers, promotions, and the ability to see the best price - this is very cool, especially with the current exchange rate.
  • Accordingly, a very large base of housing around the world: 261,000 hotels, 17,000 hostels, 134,000 guest houses, 149,000 apartments! I think there is plenty to choose from: both the backpacker and the businessman will find a suitable option for themselves here.
  • No commissions! Hotelluk does not charge you for its services. Thus, you get a convenient tool for free.
  • Due to the fact that hotellook cooperates with a large number of agents, prices may be lower than if you booked directly with the hotel.
  • User-friendly interface - in one place you can immediately see hotel reviews, see photos, descriptions, services, ratings. There are also many filters and chips, which I will discuss below.
  • Hotelluk developed by the creators of the popular meta ticket search engine Aviasales.ru , which in itself increases confidence in the service.
  • Most recently, guys finally made an application Hotellook for Android

How to book a hotel on Hotellok?

Having trouble finding and booking a hotel? No problem! Now we will figure it out - here is our detailed guide for booking accommodation around the world.

1. We pass link to the main page

We enter the name of the city or country of interest, select the date of arrival and departure, click the button "Get prices". For example, we took one of our favorite cities - Bangkok. By the way, here is one of the first "chips" - the dates are immediately tinted in different colors, and you can understand which dates average prices are higher and which lower. But these are average prices for a general guide, cheap hotels can be found almost always.

Hotelluk Home

2. We wait half a minute and look at the page with the search results. In the upper right corner you can change the >

How to book a hotel yourself at Hotellook

As you can see, there are very attractive offers in Bangkok: for example, a five-star hotel in the center with a 54% discount for 3974 rubles per night.

How to book a hotel cheaply

However, you can sort the hotels by price to find the cheapest options. Above you see numerous filters: you can specify the price limit, star rating, distance from the center, rating of previous guests, type of accommodation and so on. Pay attention to the opportunity to choose hotels with breakfast included and options with free cancellation.

Hotelluk Filters

If you are planning to make a visa, then the consulates of some countries ask for confirmed hotel reservations for the entire stay - this is where free cancellation is very useful when you first book, and after obtaining a visa you can cancel your reservation without losing money.

This option is also convenient if the plans and dates are not known exactly.

A very cool tool is the map of hotels (for withdrawal, click on the link "Hotels on the map"). Here you can set the area where to look for hotels, for example, two kilometers from the historical center. After all, if we are traveling for tourist purposes, it makes sense to travel through the city to sights, it is better to immediately settle in the heart of the city.

Hotel Map at Hotellook

3. So, set the filters to the desired values, select the hotel you like

On the hotel page you can see photos, read a description and reviews of other travelers.

Hotel page with photos, reviews and description

Here, for example, a very good location near the tourist street of Khaosan Road , close to attractions and the Chao Phraya River, but nevertheless in a quiet side street with good views.

Below are the prices for different rooms of this hotel in different reservation systems, so you can choose the cheapest or the one that you prefer by clicking on the "Book Now" button.

Offers of various hotel reservation services

A very useful feature is the subscription to change the price of the hotel and similar. That is, if you started planning your trip in advance and chose an excellent accommodation option, you can sign up, and as soon as some promotion or discount appears, you will receive notifications about this.

4. So, we press the "Book" button opposite the selected system and number, and Hotelluk redirects us to the page of this or that booking system, where it remains to select the number and fill in all the necessary payment details.

Forwarding to booking and selection

Filling in payment details for hotel reservation

How to book a hotel cheaply - tips

Now I will describe how we do it when we book the hotel on our own and give some recommendations.

  • In the filters, we advise you to select ratings of at least 6-7 points, although of course everything is subjective and it is worth looking into the reviews in more detail.
  • Even if the rating is high, then this does not mean that the hotel will be cool. For example, the rating may be 9 out of 10, but if it is given by 5 reviews, then do not flatter yourself. For example, in the hotel we have chosen, the guest rating is 7.5 points based on 693 reviews, which is a lot. So this place is popular.
  • In some cities, especially in Europe, it will be much more profitable to take a room with breakfast, because a separate room will not cost much cheaper, and breakfasts in nearby cafes can be quite expensive. Plus, they still need to be found. In Bangkok, like almost everywhere in Asia, finding cheap food is not a problem, so breakfast is not needed here. Well, unless, if you are afraid of local food and want to eat the usual :-)
  • When traveling with a large company or family, I advise you to choose apartments in the “type of housing” filter. These are not hotels, but full-fledged apartments with a kitchen. With a long stay, the apartments can save on food, because you have the opportunity to cook yourself. More apartments and apartments from the owners can be viewed at airbnb.ru .You can understand what it is and read more in our articles:

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  • Many hostels have not only shared rooms for 10+ people, but also double rooms with a private bathroom. So you can without sacrificing comfort be in the company of young, active and cheerful travelers from different countries.

That's all we wanted to tell about booking and hotel search. We hope these tips and instructions will help you!

We use it ourselves and recommend it to friends:

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✓Aviasales.ru - search and comparison of airfare prices among 100 agencies and 728 airlines.
✓Hotellook.ru - a search engine for hotels around the world. Compares prices across many reservation systems, finding the best.
✓Airbnb.ru is the most popular rental service from the owners in the world (this often comes out more convenient and cheaper than the hotel). Follow this link and receive a gift for the first reservation - $ 25.
✓Tripster - more than 4000+ excursions in 500+ cities of the world from local residents.
✓ Compare.ru - online travel insurance, including for a visa.
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  1. Hotellook, just scammers! the apartments in Cyprus were booked specifically at Hotellook, and it was indicated that there was a free cancellation, and the price was higher for paying for a reservation with a free cancellation. As a result, we canceled the reservation after 2 hours ... we returned the money, but only kept exactly 50% . Everything was done in order to deceive, why there is no explanation immediately before booking, that 50% will be withheld in case of cancellation ??? What does free cancellation mean? Technical support does not solve anything, there are no phones. I will be everywhere where you can describe our case in detail so that no one else gets caught.

    Stas Reply:

    Oksana, it’s a pity that it happened so. We drove how much, everything was fine.
    In general, Hotelluk does not sell, but only collects information, and the reservation is made directly at the booking, islet, ozone, agoda ... Try to call in support of the exact system through which you had a reservation.
    There are different conditions for free cancellation, for a different period before arrival, there are special conditions when they really do not return part of the amount.

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