Traveling to Armenia on Your own - A Detailed Guide

Hello friends! Today we have an article with purely practical information. We tell how to travel to Armenia on your own: what documents are needed, whether you need a passport, how to get there, what to eat, where to live, where to go, and so on.

Planning a trip to Armenia? Read our detailed guide!

Documents and Visa

Citizens of the Russian Federation, the CIS and Georgia do not need a visa to Armenia, and you can stay in the country as much as 180 days in six months. Do I need a passport to travel to Armenia? No, it’s quite normal: on January 24, 2017, an agreement was signed allowing citizens of the Russian Federation to enter Armenia with a common passport. They promise that from the summer of 2017 the new rules will come into effect, but for now you can go with a passport that is valid for the duration of the trip.

If you have foreign citizenship , then a visa is required. It can be issued either at the consulates of Armenia, or upon arrival at the Zvartnots airport, or at the entrance through land borders with Georgia. The cost of such a visa will be 3000 AMD (for 21 days).

Entrance to the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR)

Russian citizens need to apply for accreditation, which can be done at the NKR representative office in Yerevan (Zaryan St., 17 a), or already in Stepanakert itself. In any case, upon arrival, be sure to register at the consular service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Stepanakert (28 Azatamartikneri St.). Entry is by passport, and marks should not be put in it.

After visiting Karabakh, you may have problems with entering Azerbaijan, you should let them in, but a long conversation at the border cannot be avoided. However, Russian citizens are not marked on their passports when visiting the NKR; follow this.

Foreign citizens need to apply in advance for a visa in Karabakh in Yerevan, its cost is only 3000 drams (for 21 days). An ordinary visa is done within 5 working days, you can make an urgent visa by paying the same amount.

Documents for traveling to Armenia with children

  • passport for a child, and if the child is less than 14 years old, then it must be entered in your passport
  • birth certificate
  • if the child travels with one of the parents, a notarized authorization from the second parent is required.

How to get to Armenia?

By plane

The most convenient way to get to Armenia from Russia is air travel. Direct flights are operated by Pobeda, Aeroflot, S7, UTAir, Ural Airlines, VIM, Georgian Airways from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Sochi and other large cities of Russia.

You can take tickets from Pobeda from Moscow to Gyumri for 999 rubles one way and for 2000 round trip - this is the cheapest and most convenient way to get to Armenia. You can take 10 kg of luggage with you. Of course, in summer prices are higher, but still cheaper than the rest.

For other airlines, the cost of tickets from Moscow to Armenia differs little in winter and summer, in the low season you can find for 8,000 rubles round trip, and in summer tickets cost about 11 thousand rubles.

There are also direct flights from Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

Find cheap flights to Armenia:

The secrets of finding cheap flights

How to use flight search engines

By train

It is impossible to get from Russia to Armenia by train. In the days of the union, a branch worked through Adler-Abkhazia-Georgia, but now, because of the Abkhaz conflict, this line does not function all along.

It is possible to get to Armenia by train from Georgia: Yerevan and Tbilisi are connected by one train, it takes a long time, but at night, so you can use it. In the summer there is a flight from Yerevan to Georgian Batumi.

By car or bus

Land borders are open only with Georgia and Iran. Armenia’s relations with Azerbaijan and Turkey are, to put it mildly, not very, therefore all checkpoints are closed. The only way to Armenia from Russia lies through Georgia.

There are three crossings between these countries, if you are traveling from Tbilisi to Yerevan, use the Sadakhlo / Bagratashen checkpoint, and if from Akhaltsikhe to Gyumri, then the Ninotsminda-Bavra checkpoint.

To enter Armenia by car you will need the following documents:

  • rights
  • data sheet
  • rental agreement if the rental car
  • upon entry and exit a customs fee of 2000 drams is charged.

From many cities in the south of Russia and Moscow, buses run to Yerevan, theoretically you can get to them, but physically it’s hard: the journey from Moscow takes about 40 hours.

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A trip to Armenia - where and when to go?

You can go to Armenia at any time of the year, depending on your goals. Temples and cultural heritage can be visited at any time of the year. In winter, you can relax in the Tsaghkadzor ski resort, and in summer go to great trekking in the mountains or climb the highest mountain in the country - Aragats.

But still, the best time to visit is mid-spring and fall. In the spring it is already warm, but still not hot, nature blooms with bright colors, the slopes turn green and covered with flowers. And in the fall, delicious peaches ripen. plums, grapes and other fruits, in the markets at this time they are very cheap. In addition, the fall is not so hot.

Armenia is a small country, so the route consists of the following combinations:

Yerevan and surroundings ( Khor Virap , Garni, Geghard , Etchmiadzin, Lake Sevan ) - 3-5 days.

A trip to the south ( Noravank Monastery , Jermuk , Zorats-Karer , Sisian, Tatev ) - 3-5 days.

If you wish, you can also take a trip to the northern part: Dilijan , Ijevan, Gyumri, Stepanavan.

Thus, 10-12 days is enough to slowly enjoy a trip to Armenia.

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Domestic Transport

Many interesting places are far from civilization, and public transport does not go there, so the best option is to come by car or take a taxi. Moreover, the cost of a taxi in Armenia is low - expect about 120-150 drams per km for the whole car.

You can easily rent a car - the cost is about $ 40 per day, and all-wheel drive can be borrowed for $ 50. Recently, international car rental services have appeared in Armenia. Public taxis are also common, for example, there are those from Yerevan to Karabakh.

Public transport has degraded, mainly minibuses travel between cities, but they are cheap.

The railway line connects Yerevan and Tbilisi, passing through Gyumri and Vanadzor, in summer electric trains go to Lake Sevan. The train is an almost useless way to travel around Armenia.

Hitchhiking is very good, although there are issues of money, but for a long time we never stood. Metro, buses, trolleybuses and minibuses operate from city transport in Yerevan, and the city fare costs 100 drams.

Transport in Armenia - details

How to get from Zvartnots airport to Yerevan read here

Metro and public transport in Yerevan

Housing in Armenia

In general, the tourist infrastructure is not very developed, and a large selection of hotels / hostels is only in Yerevan. There is room for choice: very cheap hostels at 3000 AMD per night, modest hotels and hotels for 7000 AMD per room, there are also comfortable options for more expensive.

You can rent a whole apartment in the capital - this will be the most comfortable option for families and large companies. Read more about apartments for rent in Yerevan - 10 good options.

In other cities, housing is represented mainly by old Soviet hotels and guest houses. Here in guest houses, I warmly recommend staying! So you will have the opportunity to plunge into local life and customs. I stayed in a guesthouse in Tatev (near the monastery) - it turned out that the owner lived in Omsk for 15 years! We talked all evening, the hosts treated me to delicious Armenian food, it was fun ;-) Locals can invite them to spend the night for free, at a certain level of your sociability.

Find Cheap Hotels in Armenia:

Money, cards

The currency of Armenia is called dram, and all operations in the country are performed only in drams. It is most convenient to carry cash, although ATMs are also in Yerevan and other cities, you can withdraw there. Regardless of the currency of your account, the ATM will issue an amount in drams. Now they give 7.5 drams for one ruble, but check the current rates before traveling to Armenia.

We analyze in detail what currency is better to go to Armenia ?

Prices for food and food in a cafe

Armenia is a very inexpensive country, everything is cheaper here than in Russia, except for goods brought from Russia. Hostel in Yerevan cost us $ 5 per person per day, including breakfast. City transport costs 100 drams (13 rubles), in Russia there have been no such prices for ten years now. Intercity minibuses cost about 1.5 rubles per kilometer, that is, almost half the price than ours. It is easy to eat 3,000 drams for a meal together in a cafe, we bought vegetables and fruits at the market and their cost at the end of the summer was also very low, but what a delicious! By the way, in cafes and restaurants always include a tip of 10%.

In just 12 days, we spent $ 260 on two. Here in this post they told in detail about the budget and the prices of food, food, hotels, transport.

Communication and Internet

Making or receiving calls while roaming is quite ruinous, so buy a local SIM card right away. Now in Armenia there are three mobile operators: MTS VivaCell, Beeline, Orange. MTS and Beeline have approximately the same packages, and the quality of coverage, as I understand it, is better for MTS. We took a SIM card for 1500 drams (1500 minutes on the network, 1 GB of Internet, 150 sms) and were satisfied. This is quite enough not only to get into the mail and social networks, but also to work a little. Wi-Fi is available in almost all hotels / hostels in the country, as well as in some cafes in large cities. In general, there were no problems with this.

Details on tariffs and cost of communication and Internet in Armenia


For the sake of one kitchen, it’s worth going on a trip to Armenia! Here you will also like meat-eaters, and vegetarians, and lovers of sweets. It goes without saying that you should go to the Ararat factory and try cognac (you can buy it there), as well as go to Areni and taste the local wine. It is hard to imagine Armenian cuisine without chorovac (kebab), pita bread, cheese, dairy products, various snacks, such as pickled peppers. I recommend trying dolma and zhengyalov-haz.

25+ dishes worth trying in Armenia

Best cafes and restaurants in Yerevan

What to bring as a gift from Armenia?

First of all, everyone carries the famous cognac Ararat, Noah (there are other brands) and wine. Armenian craftsmen are famous for their products from silver, precious stones, and ceramics. If the budget allows, you can buy a real handmade carpet. A good souvenir will be Armenian sweets homemade halva, boiled fruit juice - doshab, sujuh (analog of churchkhela), dried fruits. From the products you can take more cheese and dried herbs and spices.

More details on what to bring from Armenia . The most popular souvenirs

More tips

We are often asked how they treat Russians in a particular country? Well, we answer: in Armenia, Russians are loved and respected. Many warmly recall the years spent in Russia, or indicate that their brother / husband / son is now working with us. Although the official >

Locals are quite religious, but calmly respect the observance of certain rites. Women have equal rights with men, and as it seemed to us, they feel quite free.

They will rarely try to deceive you, it was surprising for us, especially considering the general standard of living. They may call the inflated price of a taxi, but you can and should bargain. Sometimes there are interruptions in energy supply, in Dilijan we had no light all evening. As a rule, there is no central heating in homes. Roads in Armenia leave much to be desired: if the Yerevan-Sevan-Dilijan highway is of good quality, the road to the south towards the Iranian border is narrow and with potholes. The same poor quality road to Georgia from Vanadzor to the border.

If you drive in Armenia, be careful - the locals drive famously, quickly, not really observing the rules.

Although in general, everything is in order with security in Armenia. It is only necessary to observe reasonable caution, do not shine in large amounts, do not walk at night in remote areas, and everything will be fine. And another moment: if a girl travels alone, then she will probably be given signs of attention, trying to get to know each other. That's all. Saturated you adventures in Armenia!

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  1. good afternoon! We are going (adults) to Yerevan for three full days in November, tell me what you can have time to visit during this time, where to go?

    Stas Reply:

    Anastasia, I would single out one day for a walk around Yerevan, stop by for a tasty Armenian meal, the second at Garni and the Geghard monastery (they are conveniently combined), the third at a trip to Khor Virap, you can try to catch time in Sevan, but it will be difficult. This is if by public transport.
    If you take a taxi, for example, to go to Khor Virap, then you can catch the lake.
    Like that.

  2. Good afternoon. Please tell me how you can get to Kapan from Yerevan. Taxi cost - like a ticket from Kiev to Yerevan, can you tell me what public transport goes there? I tried to find the site of the bus station, it apparently does not exist in nature. Thank you in advance.

    Stas Reply:

    Anushavan, good afternoon. I know that there are general taxis in Goris, they are not much more expensive than buses. They depart from the central bus station in Yerevan, on Admiral Isakov Avenue, 6. And even from Goris, even if you take a taxi, it is clearly cheaper than from Yerevan.

  3. We will provide a guide and find the best option for your stay, as well as suggest directions and routes for a pleasant and useful pastime both in Yerevan and throughout Armenia.

  4. Hello, Elena! If one of the parents is with the children, then the permission of the other is not necessary. When do you plan to visit Armenia, for how long?

  5. good afternoon
    I’m planning a trip to Armenia. For the children, the permission of the second parent is definitely necessary?
    since we’re going for the first time, I would like to embrace the immense, so what’s the best way — to pay for a guide to take us and show us places? Or can we do it ourselves? book a better tour or on your own? book accommodation in a private house or is it better to stay in a hotel?

    Stas Reply:

    Elena, on her own or through the tour, depends on the age of the children, if they are still small, then it will probably be difficult to drag them on buses. And for me it’s better on my own, in Armenia cheap and public transport, and taxis - you can easily get everywhere. A hotel or a private house depends on the place, in Yerevan it is certainly better to book a hotel in the center, and in Dilijan, for example, a guest house will do (it’s cheaper).
    About the fact that consent from the second parent is not necessary (according to the laws of the Russian Federation) is not necessary, they wrote above

  6. Hello! Could you please tell me where it is better to buy dramas at the Bank of Russia or already in Armenia?

    Stas Reply:

    Margarita, better already in Armenia. Можно поменять доллары, евро или рубли.