Tuk-tuk routes in Pattaya

Tuk-tuk in Pattaya is an indoor pickup truck with two benches inside, adapted for passengers. Such transport is available in many cities and regions throughout Thailand, and locals call it songteo - literally, "two shops." But this word is more difficult to remember, and tourists at popular resorts call such machines simply tuk-tuk.

In this post, I will tell you in detail about the routes of tuk-tuk in Pattaya, fares and how to use them.

Knock Knock Pattaya

Tuk-tuki is the most low-cost transport in the city, in addition, they are quite easy to use if you know in advance the features of movement. All city routes are dark blue. You can get to almost anywhere in the city using only a tuk-tuk.

What's the fare?

The fare is only 10 baht (about 20 rubles).

How many work?

Tuk-tuks work around the clock, but late in the evening and at night they go less often and in taxi format. In the daytime, the interval of movement is 5-7 minutes (or even less).

Knock knock holds 10-12 people, during peak hours people can stand on the bandwagon outside, here it is quite normal. B - security :) In Russia, this is hard to imagine. There are no glasses in the back, so you will ride with the breeze. And in case of rain, a falling dense polyethylene was invented.

How to use?

  • To catch a knock, knock on the road anywhere in the direction of travel, and simply wave your hand in front of it.
  • Do not pay attention to the numbers on the side or on the front glass; I wrote about the routes below.
  • Tuk-tuks can work in two modes: public transport or as a taxi. Best of all, if people are already sitting in the back - it’s clear that this is a regular minibus. If there is no one, then perhaps the driver will want to take you like a taxi at the appropriate price. In this case, when landing, go straight to the back of the truck, no need to negotiate with the driver and find out the route.
  • To exit, press one of the buttons inside the cabin. A beep will sound in the driver’s cab and he will stop at the nearest possible place.
  • You must pay for the fare at the end of the trip. Come out and transfer money through the front window. It is best to have small bills and coins, this will save time and save you from fraud and calculation.
  • Sometimes drivers can turn off the wrong route or not go all the way to the end. Come out and wait for the next!

Tuk-tuk routes in Pattaya

First, I’ll briefly tell you about the main streets in the city, so that you better understand how tuk-tuk go.

Central Pattaya is cut by a grid of main streets: Beach Road (Beach Street) stretches from north to south, parallel to it is Second Road (Second Street) and 3rd Road (Third Street). From west to east: North, Central and South streets. They cross perpendicularly the first three streets.

In the south is the Jomtien district, stretched along the sea, there is the street of the same name. Further south is the Najomtien area. In the north are the areas of Naklua and Wongamat.

Pattaya Central Routes

On Beach Street. The traffic there is one-way, so the tuk-tuks ply from north to south, and go back along Second Street. Convenient to move in the center, to hit Volking Street.

There are also routes along North, Central and South streets. On the North - it starts from the ring with dolphins and goes to the Sukhumvit highway. On Central - starts from Beach Street and ends again on Sukhumvit. On the South - it starts from its intersection with Second Street and goes to Sukhumvit.

Another tuk-tuk route runs along Soi Bokao's Pink Lanterns Street from Freindship Supermarket to Central Street.

Jomtien Route Center

It starts in the Jomtien area from the intersection with Chayapryek Street, where the police station (sometimes a little south), and goes along the sea along Jomtien Street towards the center. Further - also north along Second Street until it intersects with North. At the final you will see a statue with dolphins and a roundabout. Sometimes it can only get to the intersection of Second and South Streets.

The route is convenient for getting from Jomtien to Walking Street, to the shopping centers Central Festival, Terminal 21, Big C, as well as to the pier, from where ferries leave for Koh Lan (but you need to take a little walk). Or vice versa from the center to Jomtien.

Route along Teprazit street

Look for tuk-tuk parking at the beginning of the street next to the Foodmart store. Cars drive only along this street, without turning anywhere, the final one is located at the OutletMall shopping center near the Sukhumvit highway. The reverse is the same.

Where to get: to the large Tesco Lotus supermarket, to the OutletMall shopping center, to the Teprazit night market, to the Sukhumvit highway to transfer to other tuk-tuk there, where you can get to the nearest surroundings.

Route from the center to the north or vice versa

It starts from the fish market in the north in the Naklua area and follows south to the dolphins. There you can transfer to a tuk-tuk going along the Beach Road or tuk-tuk towards Sukhumvit highway along Severnaya street.

It is convenient for getting from the center to the areas of Naklua and Wongamat (but does not go to the beach of the same name, it will be necessary to go to the sea), as well as to the Temple of Truth. Conversely, if you live in the north, you can easily reach Walking Street and many shopping centers.

Sukhumvit highway route

Tuk-tuks of white and blue color go along the Sukhumvit highway, the fare in them costs 20 baht (about 40 rubles). It is convenient to ride them in the immediate vicinity.

Where can I go? To the Ambassador Hotel and many attractions: Mini Siam Miniature Park, Underwater World Pattaya Aquarium, Floating Market, Cartoon Network Water Park, Turn to Nong Nooch Garden, Turn to Military Beach.
On the map, I didn’t mark this entire route, in the south it ends somewhere in the town of Sattahip, in the north it is also somewhere far outside Pattaya.

In the Pratamnak area, tuk-tuks do not go! So keep this in mind when choosing a hotel. In general, the area is calm, and the beaches there are not bad (relatively central), but transport accessibility is poor.

Map of Tuk Tuk in Pattaya

On this map all the tuk-tuk routes in Pattaya are marked at once in one place. Very comfortably! Only the orientation is non-standard - north-left, south-right. Here the routes are indicated in different colors:

  • Blue - along Beach Street
  • Green - along Second Street
  • Violet - along North Street
  • Pink - along Central Street
  • Blue - along South Street
  • Yellow - North to Naklua
  • Light Brown - From Jomtien to the Center
  • Dark green - along Teprazit street

Download the original in good quality at this link .

Map of Tuk Tuk in Pattaya

We use it ourselves and recommend it to friends:

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