How to buy a tour cheap? 12 search secrets

Hello friends! Today I’ll tell you how to independently buy a cheap tour online, compare prices for all tour operators and purchase the most profitable option without getting up from your chair. Read, apply, and may an inexpensive vacation come with you!

In many cases, a trip to the tour may be cheaper than traveling alone. It happens that tickets alone come at a price as a ready-made package with a round-trip flight and accommodation. This is especially true of popular tourist countries, where there are many charter flights - Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, the Black Sea coast of Russia, Bulgaria, Montenegro.

Anya on Railay Beach in Krabi (Thailand)

For example, for the two of us flying to Siberia on our own from Siberia on a short trip for two weeks will cost no less than 70,000 rubles, most of which will go on tickets (and this is not direct). For relaxation, it will be more convenient and profitable to buy a ready-made tour immediately. After all, the tour operator redeems charter flights and hotel places in advance and many at once, so it’s cheaper. Not to mention the hot tours, when the seats on the planes are not sold out, and the tour can be very cheap.

Let's look now at a few ways to buy a cheap tour.

How to buy a cheap tour: ways to save

It is gratifying that now it is no longer necessary to travel to travel agencies of the city in search of an optimal and inexpensive tour, all information is available without leaving home - online. In addition, buying online often turns out to be cheaper than buying at the office, because the agency bears the costs of renting the premises, salaries for managers, and consumables.

I use three tour aggregator sites at once - this onlinetours.ru , travelata.ru and level.travel .

It is especially convenient to buy last-minute tours online, because places on them tend to end very quickly. While you reach the office, there will be nothing left, and so I saw, decided, paid, flew to rest.

Prices for tours abroad change very quickly and depend on exchange rates - another argument to buy quickly, because the ruble is constantly falling. All information on permits on the sites indicated by me is always up to date.

  • Cheaper than in the office, or equally priced.
  • Fast: you don’t need to go to the other end of the city or go to the nearest but not verified agency, the buying process comes from any place convenient for you.
  • Reliable: more than 120 proven tour operators, and payment is made only using secure protocols.
  • You choose everything yourself (and some travel agents can advise exactly the hotel or tour operator where they have more commission, and not where you will be better off relaxing).
  • Reviews of hotels and destinations, as well as photos will help you decide which place to stay to choose.
  • Convenient price calendar, you can select the date with the lowest price.
  • All tours are available from your smartphone on the way to work or home, on a computer at home or at work: watch and choose where and when convenient.
  • All documents at once: we pay by credit card and all vouchers, airline tickets and other documents immediately arrive in the mail. We exclude the notorious human factor, when a manager can forget something.
  • The tour can be bought by installments.
  • If you need a visa, the support service will tell you what documents are needed, and within the Moscow Ring Road the courier will pick up the documents and bring ready visas for free.
  • Online consultants will help you make your choice, support works around the clock.
  • The service department at any time will help to resolve all issues, if something went wrong.
  • Bonus programs, promotions, discounts.

Search engines look for options and compare prices immediately for 120+ tour operators, so that no tour will elude your attention. All this works on the principle of the airline ticket search engines that are well known to you. When choosing a ticket, I recommend to look at all three services at once, so surely do not miss anything.

It’s good if you can move the beginning or end of the vacation by a few days - often this allows you to save a lot. To understand what dates the tour is the cheapest, a calendar of low prices will help.

The cheapest trips are always from Moscow with rare exceptions (with the same initial data: the same hotel, the same dates, the same duration). In addition, from Moscow there are much more destinations in all directions of the world, there is plenty to choose from. Well, if you live not so far from the capital, a few hours by train or bus, and you already fly to rest at the lowest possible price.

From Siberia, for example, it is not so easy (and not cheap) to get to Moscow, so see flights from neighboring cities. For Omsk, this is Novosibirsk, Tyumen and Yekaterinburg. Thus, you not only get a tour cheaper, but also have the opportunity to choose other countries and resorts inaccessible from your city.

Here's a comparison of prices for flights to Turkey from Moscow and Kazan, where it’s cheaper to guess for yourself :-)

From Moscow

For the same number of nights, in the same region, but from Kazan

Search tours

Of course, you are unlikely to be able to relax for 10 thousand rubles in Bali, the Maldives or the Dominican Republic. These are traditionally expensive destinations for flights from Russia. Having decided to fly there, you should understand that this is a more respectable and status vacation (although at the end of this winter tours to the Dominican Republic were all inclusive for 30,000 per person - this is a good price!).

But Turkey, Sochi, Crimea, Greece, Montenegro, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and many other beautiful countries are much closer, there are much more charters there, and prices for tours are much lower.

For example, even at the height of the season in August, there are tours from Moscow to Greece for a week for 8-9 thousand rubles per person (yes, this is with flights, accommodation, transfer and insurance!). Or to Thailand in October-November for 10 days for 25-27 thousand rubles (that is, at the price of a flight).

Tour to Thailand for the price of a flight, the price is for two

Trips to the low season or velvet are always cheaper than tours in the midst of the season. For example, tours to Turkey, to the Black Sea coast of Russia, Greece, Spain, Montenegro in the summer reach their peak value, but in September-early October they drop sharply in price. At the same time, the weather is excellent, there are fewer people on the beaches, fresh delicious fruits appear - some pluses.

Demand for tours to Asia during the rainy season or hot season is also falling, and prices are good! Moreover, the rainy season does not mean at all that they will go on continuously, but the prices at the resorts themselves are lower, and the rest is more calm. The water is just as warm, the fruits are just as tasty. But you need to read reviews in a specific direction in a particular month - there is a share of risk.

According to statistics, the lowest prices for tours before and after the New Year holidays and May holidays.

With this widget you can see prices for different months: We use it ourselves and recommend it to friends:

best sites for travelers

✓Travelata.ru - search for the most profitable tours among 120 reliable tour operators.
✓Aviasales.ru - search and comparison of airfare prices among 100 agencies and 728 airlines.
✓Hotellook.ru - a search engine for hotels around the world. Compares prices across many reservation systems, finding the best.
✓Airbnb.ru is the most popular rental service from the owners in the world (this often comes out more convenient and cheaper than the hotel). Follow this link and receive a gift for the first reservation - $ 25.
✓Tripster - more than 4000+ excursions in 500+ cities of the world from local residents.
✓ Compare.ru - online travel insurance, including for a visa.
✓ Kiwitaxi.ru - an international service for booking car transfers. 70 countries and 400 airports.

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