Visa-free countries for Russians in 2020

In a new post - about visa-free countries for Russians in 2020: a complete list with the latest changes. How not to turn on the TV, according to the news they say that everywhere enemies and everyone is trying to harm us, but in fact it turns out that for the citizens of the Russian Federation only several countries have canceled their visas in the last year, or there will be more!

Last updated: January 12, 2020

This article will be very useful to you when planning new independent trips. Here I’ll tell you not only about countries with a visa-free regime for Russians, but also about those where a visa is issued at the border or issued online. At the end of the post links to resources where you can see information on visas. Go!

To begin with, a short overview of countries where you do not even need a passport, you can enter the domestic Russian - it is easiest to go there in terms of documents. In parentheses I also indicate the number of days that you can stay and other nuances.

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Visa-free countries that do not need a passport

1 . Abkhazia (90 days).

2 . Armenia (at the beginning of 2017, the law on travel with internal passports was adopted, and an agreement on entry with an internal passport entered into force on February 23).

3 . Belarus (no restrictions).

4 . Kazakhstan (90 days).

5 . Kyrgyzstan (90 days).

6 . South Ossetia (90 days). When visiting Abkhazia and South Ossetia on a passport, problems may then arise with entry into Georgia.

Svaneti, Georgia

Visa-free countries for Russians 2019

There is enough passport to these countries, and in some cases even return tickets, hotel reservation, confirmation of the availability of money.

1. Azerbaijan (90 days, registration is required within three days from the moment of arrival, entry is denied to ethnic Armenians).

2 . Antigua and Barbuda (30 days, return flights and confirmation of cash).

3 . Argentina (90 days, return flights, sufficient funds in the account).

4 . Albania (for the period from April 1 to October 31, 2019)

5 . Armenia (90 days, it is already possible on the domestic, but so far there is little information).

6 . Bahamas (90 days).

7 . Barbados (28 days, return flights, sufficient funds in the account).

8 . Bolivia (90 days in half a year).

9 . Bosnia and Herzegovina (30 days, return tickets).

10 . Botswana (90 days, return tickets and at least $ 300 of money with you).

11 . Brazil (90 days in half a year, hotel reservation).

12 . Venezuela (90 days in half a year, return flights, sufficient funds in the account).

13 . Vanuatu (the number of days depends on the dates on air tickets, return flights, sufficient funds in the account).

14 . Vietnam (15 days, 30 days to Phu Quoc, at least 30 days must pass from the previous entry into the country).

See also: Visa to Vietnam: if you want to linger

15 . Haiti (90 days, return flights, airport tax at departure $ 60).

16 . Guyana (90 days, may require return flights or hotel reservation).

17 . Gambia (56 days, may require return flights or proof of availability).

18 . Guatemala (90 days, return flights, sufficient funds in the account).

19 . Honduras (90 days, return flights or confirmation of availability).

20 . Hong Kong (14 days, return flights).

21 . Grenada (90 days, tourist voucher).

22 . Georgia (365 days).

23 . Guam (45 days, return flights)

24 . Dominica (21 days, return flights and confirmation of the availability of funds)

25 . Dominican Republic (30 days, $ 10 for a tourist card, return flights).

26 . Israel (90 days, return flights, insurance policy).

27 . Indonesia (30 days, upon entering via airports and ports: Ngurah Rai, Soekarno-Hatta, Juanda, Kuala Namu, Hang Nadim, Pelabuhan Laut Sekupang, Pelabuhan Laut Sri Bintan, Pelabuhan Laut Batam Center and Pelabuhan Laut Tanjung Uban).

See also: Visa to Indonesia and Bali : if you are traveling for more than 30 days.

28 . Qatar (90 days, return flights and passport with a validity period of at least 6 months from the date of arrival. Plus, you can extend it for another 30 days.)

29 . Colombia (90 days, return flights, confirmation of the availability of funds).

30 . Costa Rica (90 days, it is necessary to have a printout of the decision to cancel visas, some airlines may not board).

31 . Cuba (30 days, return flights, confirmation of the availability of funds at the rate of $ 50 per day).

32 . Laos (30 days, when crossing the land border take a small "requisite").

33 . Lebanon (30 days).

34 . Mauritius (90 days, return flights, confirmation of availability, hotel reservation).

35 . Macedonia (up to 90 days in half a year, for visiting until March 15, 2020).

36 . Macau (30 days, return flights).

37 . Malaysia (30 days, return flights, confirmation of the availability of funds, but we did not check it).

38 . Maldives (90 days).

39 . Morocco (90 days).

40. Marshal Islands (90 days).

41 . Micronesia (30 days, moved to another island - again 30 days, but no more than 90 in half a year).

42 . Moldova (90 days).

43 . Mongolia (30 days, but not more than 90 days in half a year).

44 . Namibia (90 days).

45 . Nauru (14 days, return flights).

46 . Nicaragua (90 days, return flights, it will be necessary to pay a tourist fee of $ 15 to the border guard).

47 . Niue (30 days, return flights, confirmation of the availability of funds).

48 . Cook Islands (31 days, return flights, confirmation of availability, hotel reservation).

49 . UAE (90 days for each period of 180 days).

50 . Panama (180 days, return flights).

51 . Paraguay (90 days, it is useful to have a printout from Timatic).

52 . Peru (180 days, return flights).

53 . El Salvador (up to 90 days, return flights, confirmation of the availability of funds, at the airport they will ask you to pay a tourist fee of $ 10, they will not require it when crossing the border on land).

54. Independent State of Samoa (60 days).

55 . Swaziland (30 days).

56 . Northern Mariana Islands (45 days, return flights).

57 . Seychelles (30 days, return flights and hotel reservation).

58 . Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (30 days, return flights, confirmation of availability of funds)

59 . Saint Kitts and Nevis (up to 90 days, return flights, confirmation of the availability of funds).

60 . Saint Lucia (6 weeks, return flights, confirmation of the availability of funds).

61 . Serbia (30 days).

62. Northern Cyprus (90 days).

63 . Tajikistan (no restrictions, registration is required after 3 days).

64 . Thailand (30 days, may require return flights, but rarely).

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65. Taiwan (14 days, return flights, hotel reservations, passport valid for at least another 6 months). From September 6, 2018 to July 31, 2019.

66 . Trinidad and Tobago (90 days, return flights, confirmation of the availability of funds).

67 . Tunisia (90 days).

68 . Turkey (60 days, at the time of entry the passport must be valid for at least 120 days).

69 . Uzbekistan (90 days, after 3 business days registration is required).

70 . Ukraine (90 days within six months, confirmation of the availability of funds must be at least 4700 hryvnia).

71 . Uruguay (up to 90 days within six months, return flights).

72 . Fiji (120 days, return flights, confirmation of the availability of funds).

73 . Philippines (30 days, return flights, confirmation of availability of funds).

74 . Montenegro (30 days, from April 15 to October 31, 2019 - 90 days).

75 . Chile (up to 90 days, return flights, confirmation of the availability of funds).

76 . Ecuador (90 days).

77 . South Africa (since March 30, 2017 the visa has been officially canceled! 90 days).

78 . South Korea (60 days, no more than 90 days for six months, return flights, confirmation of funds availability).

79 . Jamaica (90 days, return flights, confirmation of the availability of funds).

In addition, without a visa you can visit some cities of China, Singapore and other countries in transit.

Even if a return ticket, etc., is indicated in parentheses, this does not mean that they will necessarily require it, but rather a recommendation. I advise you to study the Vinsky forum with the latest information on the country you need, people share their experiences and write what they demanded when crossing the border.

Indonesia, Java, Dieng Volcanic Plateau

In addition to visa-free countries for Russians, there are also countries where a visa is issued right at the border or at the airport upon arrival. Quite convenient, only a little more expenses.

See also: Timatic - how to find out if a visa is needed (complex cases, transit, connections and all that).

Countries with a visa at the border (for citizens of the Russian Federation)

1. Angola (30 days, return flights, hotel reservation, yellow fever vaccination certificate). From March 30, 2018.

2 . Bangladesh ($ 51, up to 15 days, return flights).

3 . Bahrain ($ 67, 30 days).

4 . Belize ($ 50, up to 30 days).

5 . Timor Leste ($ 30, only at the international airport and seaport of Dili, 30 days).

6 . Gabon ($ 70 at the airport upon arrival, $ 100 if online in advance, 30 days).

7 . Ghana ($ 100, 90 days, you need to get a visa permit online in advance).

8. Guinea-Bissau (64 €, 30 days electronic visa).

9 . Djibouti ($ 90, 30 days, return flights and hotel reservation).

10 . Egypt ($ 25, 30 days, free “Sinai stamp” - 15 days).

11 . Zambia ($ 50, 90 days).

12 . Zimbabwe ($ 30, 30 days).

13 . India ($ 25 in the high season from July to March and $ 10 from April to June, 60 days, a single online visa, no more than 2 times a year, only at 24 airports and several ports).

14. Jordan ($ 56, 30 days).

15 . Iraq (14 days, only Kurdistan, visa permission is required from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kurdistan).

16 . Iran (70 euros or $ 80, 30 days. The islands of Kish and Qeshm do not require a visa). For tourist group trips to Iran, a visa is no longer required (information from 06/26/2017).

More about obtaining Iranian visa at the airport - my experience

17 . Cape Verde (20 €, 30 days, return flights).

18 . Cambodia ($ 35, 30 days).

19 . Kenya ($ 51, 90 days, pre-issued by eVisa).

20 . Cyprus (free of charge, 90 days, with proVisa available online, for direct flights from Russia. If you fly with a connection, for example, to Georgia, you need a Cyprus or Schengen visa).

21 . China (only Hainan Island - up to 14 days, a number of ground checkpoints for residents of border areas. A mainland visa is required, but there are a number of exceptions: visa-free transit no more than 144 hours in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, no more than 72 hours in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Shenyang, Guilin, Xi'an, Xiamen, Kunming, Harbin, no more than 24 hours through other airports with a ticket to a third country).

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22 . Comoros ($ 50, 45 days).

23. Cote d'Ivoire (90/180 days, 70 € / 130 €, electronic visa).

24 . Kuwait ($ 30, 30 days, you need an invitation from a Kuwait tour operator).

25. Mauritania ($ 50).

26 . Madagascar (30 days - 80,000 MGA, 60 days - 100,000 MGA, 90 days - 140,000 MGA).

27 . Mali

28 . Mexico (free of charge at the airport, up to 180 days, an electronic permit is issued in advance. If you are traveling by land, you need a Mexican or US visa).

29 . Montserrat ($ 50, 1 year).

30 . Myanmar ($ 50, stay up to 28 days, issued upon arrival at the airports of Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw).

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31 Nepal (up to 15 days - $ 25, up to 30 days - $ 40, up to 90 days - $ 90).

32. Nicaragua ($ 10, 90 days).

33 . Palau ($ 50, 30 days).

34 . Paraguay (up to 90 days).

35. Pitcairn ($ 35, 14 days).

36 . Rwanda ($ 30, 30 days).

37 . Sao Tome and Principe ($ 20, a visa permit is issued in advance online).

38 . St. Helena island (up to 183 days, does not extend to Ascension Island and the Tristan da Cunha archipelago).

39 . Singapore ($ 40, 30 days electronic visa, can be transit for 96 hours).

40. Somalia ($ 50, 30 days).

41. Sierra Leone ($ 100, 30 days, you need to register in advance).

42 . Suriname ($ 40, 60 days, with the permission of the Foreign Ministry of Suriname, is done in the Netherlands or neighboring countries)

43 . Tanzania ($ 50, 90 days).

44 . Togo ($ 17, 7 days).

45 . Tonga (free, 31 days).

46 . Tuvalu (free, 30 days).

47 . Turkmenistan ($ 155, 10 days, you need an invitation from an individual or legal entity in Turkmenistan).

48 . Uganda (90 days).

49 . Central African Republic (20,000 XAF, 7 days).

50 . Sri Lanka ($ 30 when applying for a visa online, $ 35 when applying for an arrival). As of October 2019, a visa to Sri Lanka is free! It is not known for how long, but so far.

51 . Eritrea ($ 50, 30 days with a visa issued by the host country).

52 . Ethiopia ($ 50, 30 days).

Riding the train in Myanmar

Countries where you can enter with a visa from other countries

Some countries allow visa-free entry into their territory if you have valid visas from other countries in your passport, mainly Schengen or US, UK visas.

1 . Albania (Schengen, visas of the USA and Great Britain, Canada).

2 . Anguilla (with UK visas).

3 . Bermuda (multivisa UK, Canada, USA).

4 . Bulgaria (in the presence of double or multiple Schengen visas, visas of Romania, Cyprus, Croatia).

5 . Gibraltar (multiple UK visas, possible according to Schengen).

6 . Ireland (with a UK visa).

7 . Zambia (if you have a KAZA visa common with Zimbabwe).

8 . Zimbabwe (with a KAZA visa common with Zambia).

9 . Mariana Islands (with a US visa).

10 . Marshall Islands (with a US visa).

11 . Norfolk Island (with Australian Visa).

12 . Reunion (in the presence of the French multishengen from six months or more).

13 . Romania (in the presence of double or multiple Schengen visas, visas of Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia).

14 . Sint Maarten (in the presence of Schengen categories C and D).

15 . French Guiana (in the presence of the French multishengen from six months or more).

16 . Croatia (in the presence of double or multiple Schengen visas, visas of Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania).

In addition, in the French multishengen from six months you can also visit: Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint Martin, Wallis and Futuna, New Caledonia, French Polynesia (thanks to the readers for the edits!).

Actual information can also be viewed at information portal of the consular service of Russia .

If you change the visa rules and the emergence of new visa-free countries, I will replenish this list.

If you notice an inaccuracy, write in the comments, fix it!

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  1. Malaysia visa changed. I don’t know what dates you were repelled from, but for my last entry on May 21, 2018, the stamp indicates a period of 90 days. Accordingly, in Malaysia without a visa can be for up to 90 days for Russia.

    Stas Reply:

    Julia, thanks for clarification, apparently changed

  2. A visa on arrival in Bahrain for 14 days - $ 15 (experience).
    Ireland - if you have a UK visa with a mark on entry there.

  3. Qatar. 30 days without a visa. In this case, multiple entry is allowed, from the moment of receipt of the stamp and the extension of the term for another 30 days.

    Stas Reply:

    Alex, thanks for the addition. Somehow I lost sight of information about Qatar

  4. Very helpful information. Thanks. But registration is needed in Azerbaijan if you stay more than 15 days

    Stas Reply:

    Svetlana, yes, with registration in each country this is a separate issue, everywhere in different ways.

  5. Exhaustively, thanks! Now I can knock myself out a list.

  6. it seems only Georgia to Russia normally applies to all other countries of the goon !!

    Stas Reply:

    Pavel, Georgians in general in matters of visa policy fellows. For many states, they canceled visas, and Russia also got on this large list.
    I would not say that all other countries are rednecks :) Quite a lot of visa-free countries for citizens of the Russian Federation, I would add Europe!

  7. Information for Russians about Burundi is no longer relevant. Since 2015, the rules have been tightened. And if the consulate of Burundi is in the country, and we have it in Moscow, then you need to get a visa in it, and not upon arrival in the country. I am writing from Burundi, arrived without a visa and received it only after 5 hours of waiting and only thanks to the help of our embassy in this country, for which I am very grateful to the consular staff.

    Stas Reply:

    Yaroslav, thanks for clarification, fixed! Interesting travel experience to you :)

  8. The Gambia was all simple, if you fly from Europe, then put a free stamp for 28 days. And if on the ground, then it can be bred, and 50-70 dollars were taken off by tourists in the group

    Stas Reply:

    Alex, thanks for the clarification! It turns out what a nuance

  9. Yes, not at all :-) The last point was a typo - Saint Pierre, not Men. The letters next to the keyboard, missed, sorry.

  10. I opened my passport and I want to correct it a little.
    part 1.
    13. Vanuatu. They put a strain with permission for the presented tickets for departure. There will be a ticket in 10 days, there will be a stamp for 10 days, no more.
    45. Nicaragua. No $ 200 availability is required. 10 or 15 (I don’t remember already) US dollars payment of tourist tax directly to the border guard in cash.
    49. Panama. 2 times it was an airplane, 1 time on the ground, they never asked about any 500 dollars.
    52. Salvador. If by plane, then the tourist fee of $ 10, if on the ground, then for free and do not even put stamps.
    part 2.
    1. Bangladesh. Up to 15 days visa upon arrival. The number of allowed days is set on actual tickets for departure / departure., As in Vanuatu.
    13. India. Online visas are single entry only. Not more than 2 times per year. For a 2-fold entry, a full visa is required.
    16. Iran. For citizens of the Russian Federation 70 euro visa upon arrival.
    21. Cyprus. Provisions are issued only for direct flights from Russia. Официально, если прилет из других стран, то нужна или виза Кипра или Шенген.
    29. Мексика. Бесплатное разрешение только для прилетов. Если по земле въезд, то нужна или виза Мексики или можно по визе США.
    32. Непал. 15 дней 25 долларов, а не 30 (проверено 2017).
    43. Суринам. Виза 40 евро в Голландии или соседних странах. В РФ нет посольства..
    часть 3.
    5. Гибралтар. Можно по Шенгену.
    6. Ирландия. Въезд по британской визе по соглашению, которое регулярно продлевают. В любой момент могут не продлить. При въезде из Северной Ирландии никаких пограничников, при вылете нет погранконтроля. Those. если даже отменят соглашение, то можно без проблем въехать из Белфаста.
    12. Реюньон. Или отдельная виза CTOM, или французский мультишенген от полугода и выше. Нет такой визы — французский Шенген, с разрешением посещать Реюньон.
    15. Фр Гвина. Смотреть предыдущий пункт. Кроме того данный пункт также относиться к Гваделупе, Мартинике, Мен Пьер и Микелон, Сен Мартен, Уоллис и Футуна, Новой Каледонии, Французской Полинезии.