Astafieva biography: brief contents

Viktor Petrovich Astafiev – Soviet novelist and essayist. Born may 1, 1924 in the village of Ovsyanka, the Yenisei province.

The family was small – mother and father. In his childhood, his mother died and his father was convicted. Victor first lived at the grandmother with the grandfather, but later was left to own devices. Trained in the factory school for young people. Read more

Elizabeth Polygalova biography

Elizabeth Polygalova – brilliant artist, participant of the show "Dom-2". Prefers a shortened version of a name – Lisa.

Polygalova Elizabeth was Born 17 April 1996 in Novokuzneck, Kemerovo region (Russia). Bright girl, studying in high school, had no idea about the future of a successful career, but made every effort for the realization of intuitive installations to life. 16 actively engaged in fitness. After several years of hard work got the vacant place in the "Eighth pass", becoming a good dancer "go-go". Read more

Slutsky Boris Abramovich brief biography

Slutsky, Boris Abramovich, books, biography, quotes. The life and work of the known Soviet poet and translator.

Slutsky, Boris Abramovich: a brief biography

Boris Slutsky was born 7 may 1919 in Slavyansk, Donetsk region in the family servant and teacher of music. A couple of years, in 1922, the family went to seek a better life in Kharkov. Parents worked hard, received little. The area was not particularly welcoming and warm – workers lived meager, sometimes poor, and life in those days did not differ in reliability. For example, in childhood, Boris Abramovich met the young poet Mikhail Kulchitsky, however, the rising star could not resist on the ground – perished at the front. Read more

Anna Akhmatova: brief biography and creativity

Женщина «Ars Amandi» («искусство любить») — Anna Akhmatova: brief biography and creativity. Читайте сегодняшнюю статью об одной из самых известных поэтесс серебряного века и невероятно стойкой женщине. Read more

Svetlana Antonova actress biography

The biography of Russian actress, Svetlana Antonova. Read the biography of actress Svetlana Antonova: childhood, career, finest hour.

Svetlana Antonova, actress – biography

Popular Russian actress Svetlana Sergeevna Antonova, was born on December 10 in Moscow. Mother, Galina Antonova, a teacher of Russian literature. Father, Sergey Antonov, military. The actress has a sister – Natalia Antonova, also actress of film and theatre. Read more