Где похоронена Coco Chanel?

Сильная, талантливая женщина, икона стиля, Кок Габриэль Шанель. Читайте, где родилась и выросла Coco Chanel, как вышла из бедности? Последние годы и последняя любовь – где похоронена Coco Chanel?

Где похоронена Coco Chanel?

Coco Chanel – это давно не историческая личность, а икона стиля, культ. Чем знаменита Coco Chanel? On 87 year of life, shortly before his death, Coco Chanel оставалась привлекательной, обворожительной женщиной, изменившей мир. Read more

Alena Gavrilova model biography

Success story: who is Alena Gavrilova? Biography model, personal life, interesting facts.

Alena Gavrilova, model – biography

Russian model, Alena Gavrilova is a real mystery for the media. She was born in 1987 in Saransk. Won the contest "Miss Mordovia" in 2004. Today Alena Gavrilova claimed and revered by the General public model. Read more

The Biography Of Tatyana Abramova. Personal life and not only

1364906371_fotoAbramova Tatiana Albertovna, the singer, the Merited actress of theatre and cinema, was born on 5 February 1975 in Tyumen, Russia. After birth, the girls family changed the place of residence and moved to Nizhnevartovsk. Life in this city was nothing remarkable: a girl went to a regular secondary school. Read more

Биография Coco Chanel читать онлайн

2Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel had a poor childhood – she grew up in a shelter for homeless families. Her parents, Eugene and albert Devoll Devoll, already had a daughter to Gabriel. Her mother died in childbirth and his father abandoned their children after the unfortunate incident. Gabriel with four brothers and sisters were forced to live in a shelter, although they tried to provide material support to relatives. Read more

Высказывания Coco Chanel о красоте женщины

coco-chanel-2Знала ли Coco Chanel, что когда-то ей будет суждено изменить не только индустрию моды, но произвести революцию в сердцах и ума многих женщин, что позволит последним вдохнуть жизнь по новой?

Вы, наверное, часто встречали высказывания, которые принадлежат устам Coco Chanel, однако, не задумывались, а, может быть, и не знали всей сути их и кому, собственно, принадлежит авторство, теперь же есть возможность немного познакомиться с ее золотыми мыслями, самые отменные крупицы которых мы собрали вам для ознакомления. Read more

Alexander The Great. Personal life of Alexander the great

1359176286In the Louvre Museum there is one surviving work of the sculptor Lysippus, who managed, despite all the efforts of his predecessors, to convey the facial features of Alexander the great exactly. It was described as blond boy, nice-looking, with white skin, which is downright glowing from within with white, but sometimes became reddish. Especially clear and interesting in historical Chronicles and biographies describe the look of Alexander the great, describing him as > Read more

Marilyn Monroe biography

z12159926vmarilyn-monroeThe most mysterious and popular character of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe has left a stellar mark in history. The future sex symbol of America was born on June 1 1926 in Los Angeles. The real name of the star Norma Jeane Baker Mortenson, which she received in honor of actress Rules off Talmadge.

The child, Marilyn Monroe was heavy. Mother often changed lovers, also had mental problems, so they often had to go to hospital. The girl remained by herself, she had to live in shelters. Read more