Anthony of Sourozh biography

Who is this Anthony of Sourozh? Read in this article a biography of the famous philosopher and preacher.

Anthony bloom – biography

In the world Andrew bloom – Anthony of Sourozh – was born June 6, 1914, in Lausanne, Switzerland. His father worked in the diplomatic service of Russia, the mother – blood sister by the Russian composer Alexander Scriabin. Childhood Anthony of Sourozh held partly in Persia, partly in Russia. In 1917, the family emigrated to Europe. Since 1923 lived in France. Anthony of Sourozh has not received an Orthodox Church education, but since childhood, became interested in the gospel and increasingly began to refer to theological literature. Became a parishioner of the St. Nicholas metochion (Paris). Read more

When Confucius lived?

When and where Confucius was born? Where Confucius lived? Where he lived and worked briefly Confucius.

When and where Confucius lived?

kung-Tzu (Confucius) is a philosopher, teacher and statesman, was born and lived in the East – Ancient China is obliged to centuries of state-political and philosophical tradition representative of the Zhou dynasty. Read more

Myths of Ancient Greece: Medusa

One of the most beautiful sisters with deadly beauty – Greek myths of Medusa. The head of Medusa, the death of Medusa, the Gorgon in the culture.

Myths of Ancient Greece: Medusa

Medusa is a mythical way, mentioned for the first time in "the Odyssey" by Homer. One of the three sisters Steno, Euryale, Medusa – had a very interesting gift: to turn men to stone with their deadly gaze. The Gorgons had snakes instead of curls, which gave her gods. Why the Gorgon became such and what ended the story terribly beautiful mythical Virgo? Read more

Myths of Ancient Greece: Aphrodite

The Greek Venus – the beautiful goddess Aphrodite, symbol of love and patron of the hearts. How did Aphrodite? What forces had? The role of Aphrodite in the myths of Ancient Greece.

Myths of Ancient Greece: Aphrodite

Repeatedly described in literature and immortalised in masterpieces of art Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty, research poet Hesiod in "Theogonies" appeared from the blood of Uranus – primordial deity, one of the Supreme gods and creators of the world. Read more

Sigmund Freud a short biography

Sigmund Freud: a short biography, interesting facts from the life of the founder of psychoanalysis, a collection of quotes that everyone should know.

Sigmund Freud: a brief biography

Sigmund Freud – the founder of psychoanalysis, a psychiatrist, an Austrian psychologist and neurologist – was born on 6 may 1856 in Freiberg, the historical region of Moravia, belonged to the Austrian Empire. Sigmund Freud belonged to the Jewish family. Full name: Sigismund Schlomo Freud. Read more