Sherin Alexander Nikolaevich, Deputy of the state Duma biography

Alexander Sherin, the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Ryazan region, was born on 21 June 1977. Acted as member of the sixth and seventh convocations. Oversaw the Ryazan region, in which were a young Alexander Nikolayevich, and the Lipetsk and Tambov regions.
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Gorbachev Mikhail Gorbachev: a short biography

Mikhail Gorbachev – a Soviet politician and the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee (until 1986).

Mikhail Gorbachev born 2 March 1931 in Privolnoye, Medvedevskogo district, Stavropol region. The family Michael was a peasant – father is Russian and mother is Ukrainian. The first training he graduated in 1950. Received a silver medal for secondary education in the school. In 1955 graduated from the Moscow state University, graduating from the law faculty. In 1967 he received a second degree at Stavropol agricultural Institute. Read more

the Deputy of the state Duma Valery Seleznev: a biography

Valeriy Seleznev – state Duma Deputy of the 7th convocation, member of the faction "LDPR", the First Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on energy.

was Born Valery Seleznev 5 Stof October 1964 in Vladivostok. In childhood showed activity after the school day worked by the operator acoustic tests in the unit. In 1986 graduated from the Pacific state economic University with the specialization "Economy of trade". Read more

the Biography of Alexey Rogozin, the son of Dmitry Rogozin

Alex D. Rogozin – Russian statesman, Vice-President of JSC "United aircraft Corporation, the son of Dmitry Rogozin.

Dmitry Rogozin (father) – the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, 2018 Director of the Corporation "Roscosmos", doctor of philosophical Sciences, doctor of technical Sciences. In this area can be traced to the influence of the heritage of father Alexey Rogozin, which further. Read more

the Biography of Georgy Zhukov

the Biography of General Georgy Zhukov. Childhood, military achievements, where he is buried.

the Biography of Georgy Zhukov

Georgy Zhukov, the Soviet leader, the famous Marshal of the Soviet Union, four times Hero, holder of 2 orders "Victory" and many medals, was born 19 Nov 1896 in Strelkovka, Russian Empire. George's family were peasants. Father worked trying to feed her two sons. Mother decided to teach son at home, and then was attached to the parish in the village Velichko. Later Georgy Zhukov studied and worked in Moscow, visiting a workshop for the finishing of fur. Read more

Elizaveta Glinka biography

Who's Elizaveta Glinka? The tragic fate of Glinka, social activities, study, work.

Elizaveta Glinka – biography

Elizaveta Glinka known human rights activist and public figure, Director of "Fair help". Combined national and international activities. Born Elizabeth 20 Feb 1962 in Moscow. Specialized education received in 1986 in Moscow state medical Institute. N. Pirogov. Protected specialization rheumatologist. Quickly to cope with civilian "injuries" was her calling. Read more

Alexander Rogers biography

Who is Alexander Rogers? Biography. Where I studied, what work? Personal life Alexander Rogers. Scandalous notes about Ukraine, USA and Russia.

Alexander Rogers – biography

Alexander Rogers the author of the controversial blog, analyst, social activist, author of the YouTube channel, born June 6, 1978, in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. First education in the Lyceum №7 (1985-1995 gg.). Read more